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  • Nowadays, there are lots of FX and CFD brokers. And each one has its way to describe and show off its features. But for new traders or busy traders, it is tough and time-consuming to go through all the features by themselves. This article will make it easier to understand the functions of 70trades and break down the elements.

    70Trades is an online Forex and CFDs broker that offers trading platform, where you can trade currencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. It was founded by Commodius FX Ltd, apparently in 2016, and it is officially located at Law Partners House in Vanuatu. Also, it is authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) with license number 14654.

    Most of the traders who use this platform come from India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and South Africa. That’s why the website and the platform is available in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian.

    Trading Platform

    It is a very user-friendly platform with multilingual support and also offers online trading courses for users. You get training sessions for each level and all the market news and updates very conveniently. Other benefits are a smooth withdrawal process and professional analysis for the traders.

    70trades platform is suitable for beginners and gives customer service 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    The PROfit trading platform is offered in 70trades. Although the chart window may seem small to someone, you can adjust it as per your preference. If you are used to other trading platforms, you will initially feel uncomfortable. But you will get used to it with its web-based trading platform and mobile-based one too.

    The web-based trading platform comes with amazing functionalities.

    With their advanced and responsive mobile platform called Mobile Profit App, you can create your account or control your trades and monitor too.

    70trades Trading Tools

    It offers six trading tools to be specific. Those are:

    1. Auto chartist
    2. Portfolio Builder
    3. Live Data Center
    4. Trading Platforms
    5. Economic Calendar
    6. RSS News

    From each one of the tools, you get loads of benefits. For technical, fundamental, and statistical analysis, you can use the Auto chartist tool. This tool will benefit beginner or advanced level users too. If I say it in short, this tool will scan the market possibilities and highlight the best profitable opportunities.

    And the Portfolio builder will make it trouble-free for you to build a portfolio. This tool is designed for traders to suit their trading needs and create a portfolio per their requirements.

    The Live data center is full of online data that you need for your trading. Again, this tool is very well functioned and categorized.

    Trading platforms are already discussed earlier in this article.

    The economic calendar is there for you to update daily activities that can have a significant impact on currencies and commodities.

    As this article is an in-depth analysis of 70trades, RSS news is its in-depth analysis of markets. It is an essential tool for traders to invest in the market.

    Trading Conditions

    “70Trades tries to provide their clients with the best trading conditions available to ensure that their trading experience will be not only profitable but easy and comfortable.”- It is their motto for trading conditions.

    They have different and convenient conditions for trading hours, market conditions, inactive accounts, credit-out rules, deposits, and margin liquidation. You can find all terms on the official website.

    Account Types

    There are three different types of account available with the same trading conditions. Below I am mentioning the features you get from these accounts:

    Entry Account:

    • Deposit requirement is between $200 and $1,000
    • Introduction lesson with an Expert
    • Beginners eBook
    • Trading tutorials
    • 1-on-1 trading session
    • Personal account manager
    • Super-low Fixed spreads
    • Customer Service and support 24/5

    Advanced Account:

    • Deposit requirement is between $1,000 and $4,000
    • Advanced trading tools
    • Advanced trading course
    • 1:200 Leverage
    • Access to Daily Updates
    • Personal account manager
    • 24/5 Support

    Pro Account:

    • Deposit requirement is at least $4,000
    • Technical Analysis
    • 1:200 Leverage
    • Fast trade execution
    • Advanced trading tools
    • Access to Daily Updates
    • 24/5 Support

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Credit/Debit Card, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Wire transfer are used to deposit and withdraw on 70trades. You can withdraw anytime, and it can take 2-6 days, depending on the process of your withdrawal.

    Besides, they ask for proof of identity every time you withdraw the balance for your security and safety. Thus, it gives you protection against fraud prevention and anti-money laundering

    Is 70Trades Safe?

    You will find a negative review and positive review of almost all things on the internet. But from all the reviews and experience, I can say that 70trades is not a scam for sure. They will not loot your money and go away.

    If you are a beginner, then 70trades is one of the best places to invest as it is very user friendly. For advanced level traders, you can try it too. You will gain profit here; indeed, after understanding the platform. Also, their customer service is well-reviewed by users and responsive too.

    I have shared my opinion on whether it is safe for you or not. But you can research more and dig more information about 70trades.com if you wish. Actually, on such platforms, it mostly depends on you whether you will gain profit or not. To increase profit, you need to be more attentive and updated about the market and invest appropriately.


    Besides, the spreads are starting very high on this platform, which is around 3 pips, and this may become quite expensive to trade here. Other than that, everything is quite good on this platform. And you will eventually forget the high spreads when you will get substantial profits from this platform.

    Hopefully, you get enough details about 70trades.com and understand the platform conscientiously to start your trading career.


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