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8 Common ‘Human Errors’ in cybersecurity and preventive measures

Neelesh Kripalani, CTO, Clover Infotech.

What if someone tells you that the small fortune you invested in the latest cybersecurity solution may not be protecting you as expected? Yes, despite adopting the most sophisticated cybersecurity tool, cyber-attack is just one ‘human error’ away.

World Economic Forum finds that 95% of cybersecurity incidents occur due to human error (source- Global Risks Report)

Human error in cybersecurity breaches is an age-old problem. For years, it has consistently been identified as a major contributing factor to cybersecurity breaches.  Here are the most common human errors that lead to cybersecurity breaches: –

While human error cannot be controlled at all times, a set of 8 best practices listed below that can prevent such errors altogether or keep it to very minimal levels is highly recommended for organizations, irrespective of their size and scale: – 

  1. Implement ‘Zero Trust’ policy i.e. verify and monitor every login
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