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  • 8 Most Popular Lottery Games

    Published on March 4, 2020

    Have you ever considered the possibility of ease of access, great returns, low investment, and most importantly, a rather smooth learning curve? If you have had a jackpot idea in mind, you are in the right place. Lottery games are by far the easiest to learn and master, and if you get your luck factor in place, you’ll be drowning in a currency chamber. While we are at it, here are a few popular lottery games that you can try to partake in—hey, the more, the merrier, isn’t it?

    US Mega Millions

    The American currency is the strongest and for obvious reasons, and the US Mega Millions only pays dividend to the idea. Rightly hailed as one of the most rewarding lottery games in the market, US Mega Millions is bound to keep you both engrossed and engaged with its lucrative reward systems. Expect to return home with fat checks if you get your facts checked.

    US Powerball

    It has already been established that the above mentioned country is the most powerful with its currency parameters, administration, you name it—and the most dynamic lottery game only makes it obvious. The US Powerball is quite possibly the most dynamic, adrenaline-rich, and power packed lottery game in this list. With jackpots soaring as high as 500 million, it only adds to why you must play this once in your lifetime.


    Possibly the European counterpart of the American Powerball games, the EuroMillions has a charm of its own. Being widespread across most European countries in general and the prosperous ones in particular, big or small, the EuroMillions is by far one of the lucrative offerings to come out of Europe. Having its epicentre around Switzerland and Belgium, EuroMillions is bound to keep you content (or will it?) with its offerings soaring as high as 200 million. If you are visiting any of the major European countries and not investing in EuroMillions, why are you even visiting?

    EuroMillions UK

    For the ardent English fanatics who refuse to partake in activities that are not British enough, the EuroMillions UK is quite possibly the most appropriate English counterpart. With an exquisite ticket system, the EuroMillions UK is one of the most enthralling takes on the idea of lotteries. Moreover, it is one the few lottery games that has an online registration system—this means that not only can you find a guide to play online lotteries in India, South Africa, or any other developing country whose citizens dream of making millions by means of, but also get a shot at gold from the corner of their basements!

    Powerball Australia

    Why leave out the Aussies when there is such a lucrative American and English counterpart?

    Powerball Australia is the easiest lottery game to learn and master, and ironically, is more rewarding in terms of gaming experience than its English counterparts. With higher odds of winning than its American counterpart, the Australian Powerball is worth looking into if you reside in a different hemisphere altogether.

    La Primitiva Spain

    Is it not better if you can bag lotteries every week? La Primitiva Spain is just about the right pitstop in case you are looking for a side-hustle every Thursday and Saturday. Despite having less bankrolls especially if compared against its American or English counterpart, La Primitiva Spain has rather high odds of winning—a must-try for the locals.

    Loteria National Monthly Raffles

    Organised by none other than the Spanish lotteries, the Loteria National Monthly Raffles is Spain’s way of making money as well as investing the house profits to charity. Spanish National Lottery ensures that the house profits are invested into causes such as the Red Cross or their National Library, ironic, is it not. You are gambling your money for the betterment of humanity—keep betting.


    We cannot leave the Italians behind, for they have been pivotal in the idea of shaping gambling casinos and lottery in the first place. One of the most interesting and entertaining lottery pieces to present itself across Europe, the SuperEnalotto is truly in a class of its own.

    To Conclude

    Now that you are greatly aware of the most popular lottery games across the globe, you know where to invest your money in case you are unable to visit the great land of Sin City. In this regard, it becomes instrumental to understand the importance of moderation in the idea of gambling and lotteries. Enjoy a good game of lotteries, let the serotonin flow, but play responsibly.