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  • 94.3 Radio One introduces Mumbai At Its Best: A CSR campaign urges Mumbaikars to take a breather!

    Published on December 23, 2014

    Mumbai: It’s the turn of the year and as Mumbaikars get ready for that time for new resolutions, 94.3 Radio ONE Mumbai launches a CSR initiative titled – MUMBAI AT ITS BEST, a campaign that urges city folk to take a moment, step back, take a breather from the insane pressures of daily city life, and make time for what truly brings fulfillment.

    Mumbai is well known as the city of dreams, promising to give you all you could ever imagine; a job you love, more money than you could imagine, and fame to match the most well known, whatever it is you desire or could wish for. But as people get caught in the pursuit of the larger salary, that promotion, the next audition for a role, or getting the basics of home, car, schools for kids etc. in place, people forget what it was that truly inspired them in the first place, and brought unfettered joy and satisfaction. The daily grind, tremendous pressure and a mad rush to keep up with the rat race, creates lives with some of the highest possible levels of stress leading to endless complications – from physical symptoms panic attacks and low immunity to tension headaches, digestive issues to mental issues such as unprecedented levels of depression, immense feelings of loneliness, tension, distress, and anxiety. People often respond in ways that encourage unhealthy habits such as overeating, smoking, over drinking and the impact is deterioration in the quality of life, performance and even on relationships.

    This CSR campaign urges Mumbaikars to step back, pause, breathe, and relook at various passions they might want to pursue, that add meaning and purpose to their lives, but get lost in the fast pace and pressure of urban existence.

    Says Vineet Singh Hukmani, Managing Director, 94.3, Radio One, ‘In this world where people often get caught up in a whirlwind of stress, health issues, not finding time for themselves, their families, financial stability etc. 94.3 Radio ONE is urging people to give themselves some space and consider the many options that exist in today’s world – options in career, options in passions that will help them breathe and live life at its best.’

    Through this campaign, the station hopes to draw young Mumbaikars just beginning on their careers, into the recognition that they have 2 options – to make a career of something they are passionate about or to use the resources generated from their job/business to help fulfill their dreams. It encourages listeners to not give up on the things they love and make space for this in their lives so they are more meaningful. For city folk with successful careers and hectic lives, the station’s unique campaign urges them to look at their lives and make space for their dreams, to take time out to do the things they always wanted to do but never had the chance to do it.

     Says, Mr. Naveen Saxena, Station Director, 94.3 Radio ONE, ‘This is Radio One’s CSR activity and Christmas gift to listeners, and its is our goal to offer guidance and hand hold them if they wish, so to speak, towards that thing that makes them happy.’

    The station plans to deliver on this promise by turning into listeners themselves, and inviting experts from the fields of health, food, music, acting, sport, politics, business and more to be hosted as role models on air. These role models would be known personalities/people from all walks of life and will answer questions from listeners based on their own inspiring example of doing this and sharing their perspective and advice on how a listener might do so in his or her life. Actor Shriya Saran and Dalip Tahil, rock musician Uday Benegal, business woman – politician Meera Sanyal, Olympian and Arjuna Awardee Rehan Poncha, celebrity chef – Vicky Ratnani join host Hrishi K in a live conversation to kick off this campaign for 94.3 Radio One.

    The campaign will begin on 23rd of December 2014 and 31 January 2015.

    Source: Sachin Murdeshwar