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  • Wednesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:01:49
  • Today, safety and security in industrial and commercial spaces are improving. Now, there are different ways to create barriers. These barriers will help you reduce the lack of security cases and detect other suspicious activities. 

    If you’ve just opened a business or are looking for a barrier gate for your parking space, there are different barriers, such as booms and flaps. Here’s a complete guide to help you select the barrier that fits you best.

    But first, you need to understand what boom and flap barriers are.

    Boom Barriers: 

    Boom barriers are devices that resemble pivot poles. They are specifically designed to block unauthorised people and vehicles from entering a premises. To get access, you need to get a clearance from relevant personnel. If everything is clear, the boom will rise in a vertical arc, allowing you to enter and move from the controlled spot. 

    Flap Barriers:

    Flap barriers are devices commonly used in managing crowds and maintaining security. These have excellent indoor applications for business facilities, administrative buildings, IT companies, etc. A plus is that even disabled people can pass through the barrier. 

    They operate by automatically opening the two wings after one has applied for access using a card, biometrics, etc. If it reads and accepts the card, you will enter, and it will close down immediately. They also work using sensors to detect danger when someone tries to enter without clearance.

    Types of Boom Barriers

    There are different types of boom barriers. Among them are:

    Straight Arm Barrier: As the name suggests, this type of boom barrier appears straight. It can also move in both the right and left directions. 

    Folding Barrier: The second type of barrier is the folding barrier. This barrier folds to pave the way for entrance. The good thing is that they are automatic and easy to use. It is also flexible and has a high opening speed.

    Fence Barrier Gate: A fence barrier resembles a fence. They block vehicles, animals, and people from entering the premises. Nonetheless, they are easy to use and flexible. 

    Types of Flap Barriers

    The flap barrier contains the following types.

    Remote-Controlled Flap Barrier Gates: A remote-controlled flap barrier operates in that you press the remote, opening it to allow entry or exit. This controlled system ensures proper operations and thorough inspection.

    Card Accessed Barriers: These barriers operate using cards. All you need is to use a card, and it will open. Similarly, it will close when you want to leave the area. 

    Biometric Flap Barriers: Closing the list of flap barriers is the biometric ones. Here the gate allows only authorised persons by using fingerprints or a combination of numbers and letters. 

    Now that you can differentiate between the two types of barriers. Why not check how you’ll benefit from them? Here are the top-rated advantages.

    Advantages of Boom and Flap Barriers


    One great advantage of the flap and boom barrier is security. They are designed so that a vehicle or person cannot enter without authorization. This way, security is enhanced, and if there is suspicious activity, they will detect it.

    Easy to Use:

    Yes, flap and boom barriers might look like these may be complicated to use. However, these have an easy-to-use mechanism. More importantly, these are automated, so only minimal manual intervention is required. 


    These barriers are designed to facilitate security while balancing accessibility. Hence, reputed manufacturers use heavy-duty materials to design these barriers that can withstand everything from minimal wear and tear to significant damage. 

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Boom Barrier or a Flap Barrier:

    Now that you know the advantages of boom and flap barriers, you may wish to purchase these. So, here are a few aspects to help you select the one that fits you best. Without further ado, dive into the key things to factor in.


    The first factor to consider is price. Of course, everything has a price, and so do boom and flap barriers. Since they come in different types, the price varies. So, select the one of good quality but accords with your budget. However, it is best to perceive this task from the point of view of cost-effectiveness. For instance, partnering with a reputed provider will ensure that the product lasts for a long time. In contrast, a generic barrier may undergo damage or even face some technical challenges.  


    Before purchasing a boom or flap barrier, you need to decide its purpose. This is a vital aspect since it is suitable for many things. A flap barrier is crucial for indoor applications. In contrast, a flap barrier is best suited to be placed outside a building. 


    Apart from the frequency of operation and application, you need to consider the size. Furthermore, different barriers come in different sizes. For instance, a boom barrier can have different size poles. So, select the right size depending on the opening you want. Most importantly, opt for the ones that can accommodate large vehicles.

    As much as controlling security in commercial and industrial properties can be daunting. The current technology has made things easier, thanks to the emergence of boom and flap barrier gates. These devices help control the entry of vehicles and detect suspicious entry of unauthorised personnel. To secure your business, try installing either boom or flap barrier gates.


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