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  • A Dust Storm In Delhi – Meena Arora Nayak

    Published on November 29, 2021

    The Spellbinding Story Of An Extraordinary Woman: Razia Sultan—The Only Female Sultan Of Delhi

    It is the mid-thirteenth century and the ruler of Delhi, Razia Sultan has been taken captive by the rebel noble Ikhtiyaarudin Altunia. As the proud queen spends her time in captivity, she thinks back to her remarkable childhood as the daughter of Sultan Iltutmish, growing up and training with her brothers, and of her devoted companion Yakut. Most of all she thinks of her long and passionate love affair with the city she holds dearest than all else—Delhli.

    This compulsively readable novel tells the tale of a time when palace intrigues were bigger than family ties and the lure of the throne superseded all relationships. A Dust Storm in Delhi gives us a heroine like no other, whose memory has persisted despite history’s attempts to forget her.

    Meena Arora Nayak is the author of The Kathasaritasagara of Somadeva: A Retelling, The Blue Lotus: Myths and Folktales of India, three novels, Endless Rain, About Daddy and In the Aftermath, and a children’s book, The Puffin Book of Legendary Lives.

    Her stories are included in the anthologies The City of Sin and Splendour and Enhanced Gravity. She lives in  the US.

    Imprint: Westland Non-Fiction | Release: 29 November 2021


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