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  • By Suesh Unnithan

    Syam in his organic farm

    Kollam: Here is an ideal destination for a quiet retreat.  An appealing piece of planet earth cordoned by lofty hills, this plot is lush green rich in vegetation and oxygen, located in a remote, picturesque village, Pattazhi, in Kollam District, Kerala.  Mr. Syam Kumar, a Fire and Safety expert needs to be commended for converting a barren plot into a dazzling destination decked with rare medicinal herbs and a host of rare indigenous cow breeds. Syam has aptly named this property   “Ambadi Goshala,” reminiscent of Lord Krishna, known for his incomparable affection to cows and cattle.

    It is rare someone quitting a cozy career to take up cultivation and cattle rearing. Syam renounced his lucrative job abroad and took to a much less remunerative organic farming.   The soft-spoken technocrat is excited to describe paths traversed and hurdles encountered to accomplish his long cherished dream, Ambadi Goshala.  “It was not due to any compulsion but due to sheer inner urge to build an ideal organic farm and a model shelter for native breads of cows I left my well paid job. Of course initially I had to meet with severe oppositions from within my own family.  Friends and relatives used to make mockery of my plan. My resolve was firm and surged ahead.”

    The Goshala has over 40 desi (indigenous) cows of different native breeds.  Syam, who fancies to be called a Gopalan (guardian of cows) reaches the Goshala by 6 am and spends couple of hours pampering every single Gaumata. “The company of these innocent creatures gives me immense solace.  I can feel their love and affection. They return me more than what I give them. Unlike our fellow humans these animals are with no prejudice, no bigotry and with no evils within them.

    “A native cow at home will keep you and family healthy,” says Syam and adds that he has been trying to inspire his friends, near and dear on the significance of having a native cow at home.  In the Goshala Syam has been working out innovative procedures to boost the crop growing using various cow based products.  “For me Goshala is a laboratory to experiment on native cow centric agriculture economy. One single cow can boost your health and economy alike in an amazing pace.”  According to Syam “products from a desi cow like its dung and urine make the land toxin free, healthy and increasingly fertile”. “The vegetable we grow there will naturally be nutritious. Thus we can ward off many of the knowingly acquired illness. A native cow can change your life for better.”

    The Goshala manufactures over a dozen cow based products like plant nutrients, pesticides, floor cleaning lotions for common consumption and agriculture use. His native cow manure high demand among the organic farmers.

    Organic farming is also part of his mission. “Apart from vegetables we grow over hundred plus medicinal and fruit plants.  Many of these medicinal plants are on the verge of extinction and we want to protect these rare plants with high curative properties for the good of the society. “

    In his sprawling 10, 000 square meters Goshala, Syam has a 1000 square meter natural pond with “water in abundance all the seasons”.   It’s an alluring sight, about half a dozen Bourbon Goose (Oie du Bourbonnais) swimming in it, making some funny sounds that their caring Master can only decode.

    Syam now nourishes a dream to develop the Goshala into an inimitable health retreat.  Of course, the location of the Goshala is exceptionally enchanting. Surrounded by seven lofty hills, the plot has an alluring atmosphere. The misty lush green Sahyadri (Western Ghats) is hardly 45 minutes away.  Jatayu Earth’s Center, also known as Jatayu Nature Park (Jatayu Rock), by now a world famous tourism centre at Chadayamangalam, is just an hour away from the Goshala.

    Syam has a grand plan to develop his Goshala into a model mission for health and agriculture.  Explaining the importance of health in human life he says “आरोग्यं परमं भाग्यं स्वास्थ्यं सर्वार्थसाधनम् (Good health is the greatest blessing.  Health is means of everything).  The quality of your intake-air, water and food decides the quality of your health, hence Quality Life. And that is the mission of Ambadi Goshala”.

    (Contacts of Syam Kumar: [email protected], mobile:+9195398 02133)


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