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  • A picture brought tears to the eyes of the people of the country. This 11-year-old girl takes her brother to school with her

    Published on April 8, 2022

     by Bhupen Goswami 

     Guwahati: These days, the people of the country must have seen a picture going viral on social media which is now making everyone emotional. After knowing the truth behind this picture, people are not tired of praising this child. Seeing this picture, people are not even able to stop their tears. In fact, the picture that has gone viral on social media is of an 11-year-old girl who has come to study in school with her milk-fed brother. This child has the responsibility of her younger brother as well as the marriage to educate herself. In this picture, people of the country can also see that this girl is studying in the school with her brother in her lap.

    The name of the child seen in the picture is said to be Manningsiliu Palmei. The girl is said to be from Manipur. In this photo that is going viral on social media, you can also see that Pamei is sitting on the chair and writing something in the copy kept on the desk. While lying on his lap, his brother is sleeping. According to information, the girl is a resident of remote Jeliangrang Naga-dominated Tamenglong district of Manipur. The parents of this child go to work in the fields to follow the family. And the girl is studying in Class I at the Delong Primary School run by the Autonomous District Council in Delong village. It is being told that this child is the eldest child of her parents. He has four brothers and sisters. In such a situation, being the elder sister in the house, it is also the responsibility of this to take care of your siblings.

    After the parents go to work from the morning, the same child takes care of the house and the younger siblings. In such a situation, this child could not leave her milk-mouthed brother to the trust of younger siblings to study. So he thought it was okay to take it with him. This little 11-year-old girl, wearing a school uniform, hangs a bag on her back and walks to school with her double-faced brother in her lap. In such a situation, when the photo of this child went viral on social media, the CM of the state also took cognizance of it. Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh and several others, social activists and businessmen have helped the children. Seeing the girl’s passion for studies, Chief Minister N Biren Singh sent a Childline Seva Dal to the child’s house.

    The team assisted the girl child under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme. And ration was provided to the family as an immediate relief. Seeing the child, cabinet minister Biswajit Singh has taken the responsibility of taking care of the expenses of the girl’s graduation. Apart from this, the Rongmei Naga Students’ Organisation, Manipur has given a financial assistance of Rs 11,000 to Manningsiliu’s family. Seeing this passion to study the child, people on social media are supporting themselves. People are praising this child. Manipur Minister Tha Biswajit Singh met a 10-year-old school-going girl while taking care of her sister.

    Manipur Minister Th Biswajit Singh met 10-year-old Eunsinliu Pamei.Manipur Minister Th Biswajit Singh along with his family met the girl and her parents at his residence in Imphal. After meeting Pamei, Manipur minister Biswajit Singh promised his parents that he would “assist her in her education through a boarding school.” Manipur Minister Th Biswajit Singh said, “I will bear all his expenses till he graduates.


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