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    A Popcorn Evolution

    Published on June 20, 2013

    Bored of same old plain butter popcorn? 4700BC, India’s First Gourmet Popcorn Brand, brings to you popcorns in more than 18 evolved flavours in Cheese, Caramel, Chocolate and Candy categories. You can choose from Italian Herbed Golden Cheese, Tex-Mex Salsa Golden Cheese, Gourmet PopcornMagical Rainbow Potpourri to Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate.

    Like 4700BC has flavours for all, they offer various packaging options for all occasions:

    Signature Bags: They called them “POPBAG”. These next generation Popcorn Bags are specially designed to ensure better taste, maintain freshness, and longer Popcorn life.

    Gifting Tins:For any occasion or no occasion at all, they offer a variety of gifting tin, each could be themed to bring a smile on someone’s face. To make it more special, we would be happy to fill a tin with three different flavors.

    Gifting Basket: Planning a gift for a Baby Shower, Wedding or a Party. Let the celebration pop up in a minute with their wide range of customized baskets. Visit their website or a store near you to view all available options.

    Corporate Tins: Gifting is a unique way to share your feelings or any special moments. Personalize our tin with your logo and message, and share a special moment or a holiday with your employees or clients.

    For die heart chocoholics, it presents a perfect composite by dint of all kinds of chocolates. A smooth intermingle of dark, milk and white chocolate makes the magic go pop with inseparable cover of nuts in each morsel. Satisfy your sweet tooth and urge for spices or both. The cheesy corns have a split personality prepared just for you. It lets your tongue rotate around each corner of your mouth.

    Source : Chinmoyee Kalita