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  • “A State of Romance” an incredible band with a mixed sound of metal rock, drum & bass and many more

    Published on October 27, 2021

    Musicians Darren Rodgers with Dale Nolan has amazed the world with their melodious sound.

    Music plays a vital role in entertaining the crowd. People are extremely excited and always willing to dance on the rhythm of the sound that touches their hearts or excites them. Darren Rodgers from Uk better knows as “Damon Hess” has astonished the world of music by reaching number #1 in the Uk club chart with his miraculous performance of “Mila Falls” with “Found a Love” and Dale Nolan, better known as artist “Dayl”.

    Always creating something new and innovative Darren being having 10years of experience as a professional drummer, decided to reform a new electronic-sounding alternative metal rock band with previous school grind & guitarist Dean Lilley. They together worked hard in bringing revolutionary in making the sound that has never been experimented. Fortunately, with adding other members Jamie Wiltshire, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist Lewis Dennis, keyboard sampling Kieran NG and finally Wayne Lee bass guitarist, they together created miracles in the world of music with “A State of Romance” band.

    The band is ready to glitter through its first release named “Reality”. Surprisingly, kerrang radio, planet rock & many more radios have already listed in their playlist. The band has set up to stun the globe in the next 12 months with the unpredictable sound that anyone has ever thought of creating it.

    The journey of the duo began with the new sound in Progressive melodic house music. Darren Rodgers and Dale Nolan together reached a massive number #1 tin the Beatport top 100 progressive house genre with “Taste The Water” & also peaking at number #34 in the top 100 in the world. Also, with band “littlecrazy” which was renamed “A state of romance” while adding new members in the team. Duo with band “littlecrazy” released an album called “lost Poison” and “End with You” which was a great success and was featured on many video channels.

    The band is on its way to radiant music together with its specialized team.