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A Tree on Every Purchase: Plix Walks the Talk on Sustainability

The brand has launched a social responsibility initiative called ‘Plant a Tree’ fulfilling the twin goals of ensuring better health for consumers and the environment

Mumbai : Plix, a fast-growing clean plant-based nutrition brand for daily wellness and strength, recently launched the ‘Plant A Tree’ initiative to fulfil its brand promise of sustainability for the environment and better health for people. The initiative begins in January 2022 and will be a continuously ongoing initiative. Plix has pledged to plant a tree (seed) for every single purchase made by its customers. The company has earmarked a land parcel in Maharashtra to plant the saplings.

Right from the outset, Plix has strategically focused on sustaining the balance of nature. Not using any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, flavours or colours in Plix products was the first commitment by the brand. And now, Plix is taking its environment conservation efforts to the next level with the ‘Plant A Tree’ initiative.

Founded in 2019 by Rishubh Satiya and Akash Zaveri, Plix is on a mission to transform the dietary and lifestyle habits of people globally. Plix has been able to build a successful brand with the unique positioning of having products that are delicious, effective and 100% plant-based. The brand is constantly innovating to replace the conventional formats of pills with palatable gummies, superfood powders, and effervescent. The company has products across categories such as weight loss, hair and skin nutrition, daily wellness, women’s health, and workout

Speaking about the initiative,Co-Founder, Rishubh Satiya, Plix, said, “Environmental sustainability and wellness are complementary to each other. We can’t achieve the goal of environmental protection if we continue to consume foods sourced from animals. Similarly, merely eating clean food is also a siloed approach. As a responsible brand that is committed to helping people eat green and live healthier, Plix has decided that sustainability will always be at the core of our operations. The ‘Plant a Tree’ campaign is also a way of fulfilling that commitment. Unlike other similar initiatives, ours will be a continuous and ongoing effort. Every time a customer buys a Plix product, we will plant a tree. Thus, they stand to not only improve their own wellness, but also contribute to environmental conservation.”

Our world is currently facing a major existential crisis in the form of climate change. At the planet level, there is a need to adopt sustainable practices and achieve zero-emissions levels, and at a human level, we need to protect ourselves from diseases and pandemics. In India, more than half of the greenhouse gases are generated by animal farming activities. By helping people make the switch to a cleaner, and healthier plant-based nutrition, Plix is enabling reduction of carbon foot-print.

Apart from being a rapidly emerging platform for plant-based nutrition, Plix is set to innovate and replace the conventional products such as pills with yummy gummies, superfood powder etc. Plix’s products are made using real ingredients without any artificial additions like flavours or colours etc. The raw materials are imported from six countries. Most of the Plix product range is manufactured in India. The products are available on most popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and its own website.

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