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Aarav Solutions acquires award-winning AI & ML enterprise Froot Research for $4 million

Bangalore : Aarav Solutions, a global product engineering and IT consulting services provider today announced the acquisition of Froot Research, a provider of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform for its out-of-the-box and state-of-the-art algorithms and products, for USD 4 million.

The acquisition will expand Aarav’s Solutions foray into the world of Artificial Intelligence and will enable the company to launch future-ready products and platforms.

As part of the acquisition, Aarav Solutions has boarded the entire Froot Research team and will make all necessary investments over the next few years to build a stronger AI R&D team, apart from setting up robust sales, marketing, design, and operations teams.

Aarav Solutions along with the Froot Research team will enrich the platform with superlative experience through world-class deep research-based real intelligent algorithms, model architectures, self-serve features, automation platforms, and products with human-like capabilities along with other integration and support for new and emerging technologies to cater to the changing enterprise technology landscape. With this acquisition, Froot Research will now be a sister concern of Aarav Solutions and will be operating under its own brand.

Aarav Solutions joins the ranks of the most innovative System Integrators with the acquisition of this research-focused AI product enterprise. This is part of Aarav Solutions’ continued commitment to giving existing and prospective clients and customers a wider range of products and service options as it expands its footprint across sectors and geographies, globally. Froot Research foundations are based on concepts from psychology, neuroscience, and statistics, among other disciplines. When these concepts are combined with the innovative manner in which Froot Research solves problems, the world obtains innovative, intuitive intelligence models that are in the process of being patented.

With Froot Research’s acquisition, Aarav Solutions will be able to tap into some deep research-based work done by independent researchers drawn from IITs, NITs and MIT, and other institutes on broader AI applications and some of the proof of concepts/pilots done on IP Intelligence, automobile-machine intelligence, logistics and expanding on the joint work done for a leading global credit bureau.

Speaking about the acquisition, Mr. Raj Darji, Founder of Aarav Solutions said, “We are excited to welcome Amit Gautam and Froot Research to the Aarav Solutions family. Their team of experienced professionals and innovative approach will be a great asset as we continue to empower businesses with next-generation technology. Enterprise digital transformation is a serious business and investing in core and emerging technologies is a clear strategy for us for a futuristic line of products and services. Froot Research has built a strong and credible research-based Core AI platform that will enable us to align with our future vision and strategy. The knowledge and technological expertise Froot Research brings with it, is beyond AI. It is an exceptional ground-breaking future intelligence.”

Mr. Amit Gautam, Inventor and Founder of Froot Research said, “This is a great opportunity for us to join Aarav Solutions and leverage our data science and artificial intelligence expertise to help businesses grow further. The acquisition will help Aarav Solutions expand its research capabilities and Enterprise Branding to further embolden its position in the intelligence market space. It will also allow Froot Research to benefit from Aarav Solutions’ expertise in next-generation technologies, processes, and domain expertise.”

The two companies have come together to form a unique partnership that will help businesses shape for the future. Aarav Solutions’ SI expertise and Froot’s vast research-based AI experience and their common expertise in digital transformation, machine learning and deep learning, neural networks, and other core technologies are going to build a strong partnership to flourish and expand their business. This coupled with a strong network of happy customers, strategic focus, synergy for the future, and the existing tools, techniques, and processes will only add to this enterprise.

With Froot’s innovative products and Aarav Solutions’ experience in digital transformation, businesses will be able to take their quest for better data-driven decisions to the next level as the new company will be able to offer end-to-end solutions to its clients, helping them stay ahead of the curve. Aarav Solutions has a long history of helping businesses in their digital transformation journey. This is a strategic move for Aarav Solutions and will help the company to further consolidate its position as a leading player in the global market.

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