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  • Friday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:58:53
  • Since 2017 MedCords has been working on Digital Health Mission. We recently launched the ‘Aayu Ambassadors program’ with the objective of spreading awareness about healthcare in every nook and corner of India. This program will also provide employment opportunities for youth to be known as ‘Aayu Ambassadors’ across the country.

    Shreyans Mehta, the co-founder at MedCords, stated that the services of the Aayu App are now being used in cities, villages, and even hamlets in large numbers. The objective of the Aayu App is to provide efficient, accessible, and affordable health care services to every Indian.

    Shreyans  Mehta mentioned that in this age of technology, platforms like  Facebook and Whatsapp are being used widely and efficiently. This is the right time to deploy technology and use it for the right purposes,  which is to take health care services to the doorsteps so that people can avail these facilities from the comfort of their home, he said. This will reduce the overcrowding at the hospitals for health care services, and strengthen the technical healthcare infrastructure simultaneously.

    ‘Aayu Ambassador program’ launched by Aayu App will rope in youths from across the country to spread awareness about health among the people. Through this program, youth will educate people about how to order medicines, consult specialist doctors, get the lab tests done and create health ID for the entire family, on the Aayu App, from their home, free of cost. One can also access his/her health records through the App, anytime anywhere.

    Nikhil Baheti, the Co-founder of MedCords said this initiative will not only create employment but also help reduce unnecessary burdens on hospitals. Saida Dhanwat Co-founder of  MedCords said, “Mobile use is increasing in villages. People have become mobile-friendly and are using it for shopping and banking transactions. Then why it shouldn’t be used to avail health care services. Awareness will be created among people so that they need not travel hundreds of kilometers for minuscule chores. They should be able to consult specialist doctors from big cities, in their homes in the villages.


    You can share your resume with us on- [email protected], or share it on our WhatsApp Number- 9024467435. For more information, contact us on – 7816811111.


    Shreyans  Mehta stated, that our honorable Prime  Minister  Narendra  Modi recently spoke about keeping the health history of citizens under Ayushman Bharat and providing health care accordingly. Though the Prime Minister recently issued the guidelines, MedCords has been working on this since  2017 and has extended benefits to a large number of Indians. They are being treated as per their health history. We at MedCords as proud to say that we were the first one to have issued the health card in the country


    App co-founder Nikhil Baheti says, more than 35 lakh families have been connected with Aayu App and availing better health services. 30,000+ medical stores and more than 5,000 doctors are part of Aayu App. so as to facilitate efficient,accessable, quick, and affordable health reaches people.


    Saida Dhanawat said, Aayu App, with the kind of services it provides, is proving to be one of the finest App in India. It has earned the trust of the nation during the pandemic. When the threat of spreading infection increased due to crowding at drug stores, people consulted doctors online and even got medicines delivered to their doorsteps through Aayu App. As more and more people got help, the trust in the App grew. Many industrialists and investors have rated MedCords as one of the best start-ups.