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According to Gaurav Tyagi, founder of Career Xpert

The healthcare sector of India is the largest sector among the countries of the world. It is the fastest growing sector which provides a variety of services in the field of medicine. The Finance Minister of India Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman proposed the annual budget for 2023-24 today. One of the most important highlights of the budget was the recent developments in the medical sector.

The Finance Minister in her presentation stated that 157 new nursing colleges would be set up across 4 major locations in India. This will open up new opportunities for students across the country. The government has also proposed a plan to increase health expenditure by 2.5% of the total gross GDP. Moreover, emphasis will be laid to develop research facilities across various ICMR labs throughout the country. Various new projects have been devised to promote pharmaceutical research. The new budget has also focussed on various multi-dispensary courses which would enable better medical facilities across the rural areas.

 Compared to the previous year this year’s budget is overall student-centric as it will provide maximum benefit to thousands of medical aspirants across the nation. Moreover, the budget will also benefit the teachers and mentors as more and more emphasis will be given to providing quality training sessions to them.

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