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  • Saturday, July, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:15:04
  • People of these villages can avail world class health services near their village at the least expense.

    CSR initiative to raise public awareness towards healthy living

    The second phase will cover more than 50 surrounding villages under the Health Card Scheme.

    Greater Noida: With the objective of providing world-class health facilities to the villagers at a low cost near their village, the premier medical institute of North India – the Realty Super Specialty Hospital in Greater Noida, today launched discounted health cards for the villagers. On this occasion, about 50 villagers from 15 villages and their village head were present.

    In the first phase of the card launch, the features of this card will be made available to the people of Kasna, Dankore, Dadupur, Gharbara, Bidodi, Bironda, Jaganpur, Khanpur, Dadda, Khairpur, Lukhsar, Pipalka, Chunpur Sakipur, Tilapata, and Amrapur villages.

    The real Super Specialty Hospital of the CSR initiative “Healthy village, happy village will be able to” be each family called the village to the scheme provided health cards and health facilities to those subsidized by the village through it. Services available at a discounted rate include OPD counseling, pathological and radiological diagnostic services, MRI and CT scan services while ambulance services will be provided free of charge. Special concessions will also be provided to patients admitted from this village.

    Dr. Kapil Tyagi, Managing Director of Suryak Super Specialty Hospitals said, “Villages and around a lot of people deprived of medical insurance or health cover or unaware of him. They also need to go away for basic health related consultations. With the launch of discounted health cards, the economically weaker section patients will get additional benefits and they can avail health services despite weak economic condition. Our hospital’s unique approach is to provide people with the best medical facilities at the least expense compared to hospitals in other hospitals and even metro cities, and such initiatives are certainly very important for our society. “

    Under the scheme, 15 villages will be covered in the initial phase and will be expanded to 50 nearby villages in future.

    The real Group of Hospitals Director Ytarth Tyagi said, “” healthy village, happy village “thinking we came from among the villagers. We have to consider their health problems When the leaders of the various villages connected to Greater Noida, he said Due to costly treatment in large hospitals, a large section of the village is deprived of health services. If rural India is not healthy then how will a new India be built.Through this scheme, super specialty services of international standards will be available to the people of the village around their home only at a low cost. ”

    Due to the latest medical achievements and better regional connectivity, patients from nearby areas can reach the real hospital in Greater Noida in a very short period of time in emergency. This is an additional facility for patients. With the help of this, they can get treatment in the shortest time, but can get the opinion of world-class experts at a very low cost.

    Amit Singh, Group CEO of Sarvash Super Specialty Hospitals , said – This initiative of Yarthath Super Specialty Hospital will create awareness among people about regular medical and timely checkups for a healthy life. In the last few years, Real Hospital has been actively working towards providing healthcare facilities of international standards in various regions across the country. Being a leading health and medical institution, Real Hospital continues to organize health camps, OPDs and screening camps in various parts of North India. Realy Hospital has experienced and qualified doctors who have made records in their fields and now they are keen to provide medical care to more and more people. ”