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  • Ace architect Vrushabh Patil spotted with famous celebrities at Dubai Expo 2020

    Published on November 17, 2021

    The Expo is finally here, the world has been waiting for it for over a year. The stage is all set for the world’s biggest event and it has attracted few of the world’s biggest celebrities.

    Vrushabh Patil, A mumbai Based Architect and man who succesfully managed running intel chains attended the grand opening of this event and has been witnessing magic being created there for over weeks now.

    The festival opened with a grand Indian pavilion which featured the Consulate general Of India. The evening spotted the most amazing live performance Duo from the Indian music industry Salim-Sulaiman.

    Vrushabh Patil has already been spotted at the most high profile gatherings in Dubai straight after shifting in Dubai two weeks ago. He was said quoting “when you do something creative, you have to give yourself that place of leisure where you wake up to a creative self the next morning”. He has been spotted a multiple musical evenings in Dubai. On being asked he said, “Music keeps me calm and creative”. Vrushabh Patil is also aiming at participating in the next Ironman after being inspired by his wife Nupuur Patil who is nothing short of a legend.

    Dubai is a paradise for architects and Vrushabh has been bagging big corporate deals in Dubai. He is highly inspired by His Highness Shaikh Mohommed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He says, His vision to turn Dubai from Sand to Sightly is what has been the biggest motivation in life. He believes that his Highness Mohommed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum not just manifested a dream but gave birth to a million dreams around the globe to every architect who wishes to build something out of the world. While he has big plans that contribute to the grandeur of the city, we watch the magnificent Dubai Expo 2020 which is perhaps the epitome of creation for any architect.


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