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  • The enchanting emirate of Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the hub for a diverse range of adventure activities in the Arabian Gulf.From beaches to desert, from mountains to oases, there’s so much to see and do.

    Desert camping should be right at the top of a visitor’s list. The Al Badeyah desert camp, nestled in the desert dunes of Al Khaznah, gives visitors a unique insight into UAE traditions and customs and allows them to enjoy an authentic Arabian experience under the stars.

    Then there are the desert safaris and dune bashing – a set of activities enjoyed by those seeking an adrenaline rush. The vast expanse of desert that lies outside the Liwa oasis in the emirate’s Western is perfect for such off-road driving. With 300 metre dunes and long sand valleys, you’ll never get bored of desert driving. You can rent a four wheel drive from Abu Dhabi, get a good map and explore the charming surroundings to your heart’s content relishing stunning sunsets and luminous sunrises, though go in convoy – never venture into the desert alone!

    The inherent connection between desert and camels can’t possibly go amiss. While in Abu Dhabi, a trip to watch the spectacular sport of camel racing can be a memorable highlight. Visitors can cheer on the camels as they gallop around a specially made track, and marvel at how these seemingly ungainly creatures can reach such high speeds. Races normally take place on weekend mornings, with additional races on public holidays.

    Novices and pros can try their hand at sand boarding and skiing at the Liwa Oasis on the edges of the Rub al-Khali (Empty Quarter) – the world’s largest uninterrupted sand mass. Boasting the world’s largest dunes, towering hundreds of metres above the surrounding plains, it is appropriately termed as a sand skier’s paradise. Sand skiing enthusiasts look forward to strapping on their sand boards and sashaying down the seemingly endless red sand slopes for an exhilarating experience.

    From kayaks to catamarans, from traditional dhow cruises to speedboats, Abu Dhabi’s waters offer a lot to discover. Visitors can opt to kayak through beautiful lagoons, narrow channels and under the full canopy of the mangroves or book the monthly full moon tour to relish the soothing experience. You can admire the most remarkable landscapes of the Arabian Gulf shoreline while onboard Abu Dhabi’s largest 74-foot, 11m wide luxury sailing Catamaran. You can swim and snorkel in the clear turquoise waters, explore the pristine beaches and take pictures of the playful dolphins too. Thrill-seekers should definitely try a speedboat tour to experience Abu Dhabi’s stunning skyline vistas in a whole new fashion. A night tour on this thrill-per-minute ride is sure to leave you gasping for breath. Whether it’s chartering boats, hiring a jet ski, embarking on fishing or diving trip, indulging in family fun activities with banana boat and donut rides, relaxing pedal boats or water skiing instruction and diving courses, Abu Dhabi offers a bevy of water adventure activities for everyone.

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – a popular visitor stands tall with its world’s fastest roller coaster – the Formula Rossa – there are also 19 other rides promising varying degrees of fun.

    The relatively recent entrant, Yas Waterworld – the aquatic Arabian adventure set in the heart of Yas Island –has no less than 43 rides, slides and attractions with five being ‘one-of-a-kind.’

    Kart Racing, Shooting, Archery and a whole lot of other adventure and sports activities can be undertaken at arguably one of the world’s best international sports facilities – Al Forsan.

    So if you are looking for an all-entailing, adventure-packed, enthralling and memorable experience – Abu Dhabi is certainly the place for you!


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