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    Actor-Model Sunali Duggal Gets Candid About Her Career, Says Hard-Work & Dedication Are Important To Succeed

    Published on April 7, 2021

    Success comes to those who dare to take take a chance in their lives. If one knows how to step out of their comfort zone, one will achieve everything one wishes to. That’s exactly what Sunali Duggal did to grow in life. The US-born beauty is India’s one of the most talented and well-known models and actors, especially in the Punjab film industry.

    Sunali always aspired to be an actor, and hence, she decided to come to India to fulfil her dreams. But she was aware that she had to start from scratch to reach the top. At the beginning of her career, Sunali did many print and TV commercials for big brands. In fact, she still gets approached by top brands in India.

    As a model, Sunali Duggal started with small gigs and fashion shows and eventually, she walked the ramp at bigger ones. In the past few years, many fashion brands approached her for collaborations. All this was possible only because Sunali never gave up, stayed focused and had confidence in herself.

    Last year, the actor featured in a Punjabi video called Tere Liye Hoon Main, which received more than 2 lakh views. People couldn’t stop admiring Sunali’s talent and beauty in the song. Thanks to the music video’s success, a lot of filmmakers started approaching her for movies, web shows, and more music videos. Next month, the actor will feature in 2 new songs and also has a movie in her pipeline.

    When Sunali Duggal was asked what keeps her going on, the actor-model answers, “When I stepped in the film industry, I was aware that the path is not going to be a cakewalk. I have to stay focused and embrace every success and setback in my career. Priyanka Chopra is my inspiration, and she has shown women like me that only hard work and dedication will help one reach the top. As an actor, I want to be a part of projects where I get to show my versatility and varied range of emotions.”