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  • Add style to your food with salsa dips from Cornitos

    Published on July 18, 2013

    New Delhi :- Cornitos, the flagship brand of Green Dot Health Foods Ltd launches salsa dips to satisfy a foodie’s palate. It is a delight for the gourmet to embellish dishes with the mouth watering flavor. The delicious and versatile salsa dips are available in three variants: Mixed Chunky Red, Green Herb Salsa and Cheesy dips.

    Following the monotonous recipes everyday often soars up the boring taste. Cornitos salsa dips help spice up the daily food by adding mouth watering flavors to the food. Salsa dips include luscious flavors which make a perfect bet for a treat. It tantalizes the taste bud when mixed with your favorite food. It is time to dig into the refreshing flavors of salsa dips and enjoy the heaven.

    “It is an immense pleasure to launch salsa dips which enhances the flavor and makes interesting eateries. We aim to cater the quality food with high standards in manufacturing segment. We have a pan India presence and exporting the products outside the country as well. Food and beverage industry is growing aggressively and has undergone significant changes therefore we stay connected with the local population along with the international business” underlines the Founder & Director, Vikram Agarwal

    Salsa dips can be used in different avatar. The felicitous 21 usages are enclosed below:-

    1)      You can liven up your breakfast by serving salsa on eggs. Stir salsa into scrambled eggs  or create a lighter Mexican flavored by taking McMuffins and topping with poached eggs, guacamole, and salsa that’s how masala omellete can be prepared which can break the monotony

    2)      You can change the flavor of the pizza by using salsa instead of sauce by layering salsa, beans, onion, and cheese. Top it up with fresh sliced jalapeno. Once it comes hot out of oven. It is a perfect pizza with refreshing taste

    3)      Salsa can perk up other dishes like macaroni, rice and kidney beans, grilled cheese sandwich

    4)      Add salsa to soups and chillis to add instant depth and heat. You can also add salsa to the dal shorba and chicken drumsticks chilli recipes

    5)      It can also be consumed with vegetable or  grill chicken burger instead of mayo and make it interesting eat

    6)      Marinate chicken in salsa and grill. Brush with a little olive oil before tossing on the grill to preserve juiciness

    7)      TACO salad can be prepared by blending salsa with fresh cucumber, bell pepper and onion

    8)      You can mix chunky red and green herb salsa with lime juice for a great Nachos bhel snack

    9)      Use salsa to bake chicken or fish

    10)   Use green herb salsa as cocktail sauce or chutney with samosas, pakoras and paranthas as well

    11)   Salsa can be stirred into mashed avocado for a quick homemade guacamole

    12)   Thin salsa with olive oil and lemon juice and use as a salad dressing light and healthy

    13)   Make pasta by placing olive oil, garlic on pan, stir and salsa and toss with pasta. You can add herbs and salt to taste

    14)   Salsa can be stirred into cooked rice with olives and cheddar cheese

    15)   You can layer it onto grilled cheese sandwich

    16)   Pureed, chille intense salsa  can be used as enchilada sauce

    17)   It can be used by topping off tacos, burritos or huevos rancheros

    18)   It can be used as an easy start to bruschetta

    19)   You can mix equal parts with yogurt or sour cream, slather on a baked potato or combine with mashed potatoes

    20)   Stir it into chicken salad, tuna salad or potato salad

    21)   Instead of adding it to cooked rice, you can cook the rice in salsa. Dump a cup of salsa into the rice cooker with rice and some stock or water. Add a handful of peas at the end and it’s the most delicious red rice

    Source : Shalini


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