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  • Saturday, July, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:03:45
  • Security services are required by every business sector in the current times and hence the Manpower & Security Service industry has seen a growth spurt in the past decade. There have been revolutionary changes in this industry to keep up with the needs, not just in terms of manpower training but also technological developments. This has resulted in security systems being more efficient and effective. 

    A prominent name in the industry is that of Datar Security Service Group. The man at the helm of this group is its CEO, Adel Singh Binder. He has made several strategic customer-oriented changes to the operations of the group, established in 2004, to bring it to the forefront of the industry. 

    Humble Beginnings

    Adel Singh has been involved with the operations of the group since he was still in school. His father, Col. P.S. Bhinder (retd.) had established the group with a handful of security personnel who were trained under his supervision. Adel Singh joined forces with his father to help him with the expanding business and together they have achieved the current position where they provide services in several parts of the country.

    Official Enrolment

    He officially started working for the group as the Managing director and took charge of the business development of the security services division. He proved his mettle by adding several big clients to their portfolio. 2017 saw his appointment as CEO and took manpower operations and the toll management service under his wing along with his earlier responsibilities.

    Current Responsibilities and Goals

    Adel is responsible for business development as well as investor relations. He is also in talks about raising funds for expansion growth of operations within the country, and possibly across the globe. This has been possible for one of the youngest CEOs because he has the support of a young, experienced and skilled management team. The team has worked together to implement strategies, overcome obstacles and keep moving ahead towards change and progress. 

    Adel, the Business Strategist 

    Adel’s greatest strengths are his understanding of the business, its needs and his ability to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to take it forward. His dream of the global expansion of the company is ably supported by the steps of transformation through business innovation and integration of technological advancements. He, very humbly, shares the credit with his team and believes that expertise is achieved only when different minds work together to solve any problem. It cannot be done by a sole individual.