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ADP India’s Flagship CSR Programs Celebrate Milestones in Women’s Empowerment and Youth Employment

 Hyderabad  – Recognizing the pressing need for empowering women and youth from marginalized communities, ADP, a global leader in Human Capital Management solutions marked another milestone in its commitment towards social responsibility and community development. The company celebrated the graduation of beneficiaries of its flagship CSR program; the Jeevika Women Empowerment and Youth Employment Program (YEP). ADP welcomed over 180 women and students to its Hyderabad and Pune offices to honour the achievements of the beneficiaries in skill development and education.

In response to the socio-economic challenges faced by women and youth in underprivileged communities, ADP considers Jeevika and Youth Employment Program as strategic solutions to address these issues. Jeevika is a Women Vocational Skill Development center that was launched to empower women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Through vocational training and skill development programs, Jeevika equips women with the tools and confidence they need to secure meaningful employment and achieve economic independence. Since its launch, ADP has supported 3,300 women at Jeevika, giving them the skills they need to build confidence for economic and social independence. The YEP initiative was initiated to train youth from underprivileged communities, enhance their learning and employment potential, and help them achieve their career goals thereby paving the right direction for a better future and improving their quality of life. Every year, ADP supports the training of 300 Youths with a placement rate of more than 70%.

“At ADP, we deeply understand the profound impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in nurturing inclusive growth. Through Jeevika, we witness the transformative journey of women, as they rise above adversity, armed with newfound skills and confidence. With the Youth Employment Program, we witness the transformative journey of youth, as they navigate the path to a brighter future, filled with promise and opportunity to tackle societal challenges; we are actively shaping the fabric of communities we serve, enriching lives, and sowing seeds of hope and empowerment. These initiatives not only empower women and youth but also reflect our deep commitment to creating positive change in the communities where we work. We are steadfast in our efforts to make a meaningful impact and create a better and more inclusive world.” said Mr. Sujnan Venkatesh, Senior Vice President and Head of HR, ADP Pvt. Ltd.

These initiatives are part of Tarang, ADP India’s comprehensive CSR program, which underscores the company’s commitment to social responsibility and community development. Tarang encompasses various initiatives aimed at empowering women, youth, and communities at large. The initiative is part of ADP India’s larger CSR strategy, which looks at the company’s behaviour towards a wave of corporate citizenship and social development that aims to leave a positive impact on society, with initiatives for women and youth empowerment, community health and sustainability. These services include women’s support networks, women’s workshops, women’s service groups, She Shuttle – Safe & Free last-mile rides for women, hygiene kits, and so on.

With over 1040 beneficiaries from Jeevika and 600 beneficiaries from Youth Employment Program in the last two calendar years alone, ADP’s commitment to empowering women and youth remains steadfast. These programs exemplify ADP’s dedication to driving meaningful change and fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

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