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    After PC Builder, Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel to enter in Email Business with MailPitch

    Published on April 12, 2021

    It seems great when the young entrepreneurs of our country came up with some idea and dedicated their time to achieve their goal. Here we are with one such success story of 2 young entrepreneurs Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel who came up with an idea and then works hard to make it come true.

    When everyone was safely at home, they decided to launch their dream project named PC Builder, and even at the time of such a crisis they were able to get success with their project and help more than 1M+ users to build their own PC. They both are formerly from the field of Computer Science, so they decided to grow their business in this field.

    Dreams are what make a person alive. Everyone can dream but not everyone can achieve them. You can only be successful if you’re working for your dreams at the right time. It always takes time to grow a tree but the end result is worth it. This is why both of these aspirants started working from teenage to make their dreams come true and they did it well. They both are from different cities, Sunny Kumar is from New Delhi, India, and Sunny Bundel is from Ajmer, India, and they met on Facebook in 2014 and since then have collaborated on various occasions, and every venture with their combined efforts has been quite profitable.

    This time, Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel have joined hands to launch another product named Mail Pitch which is basically a cold email marketing platform to help people automate their email outreaching campaigns. “Our dedication is the reason for our success. We both like to nitpick and keep correcting it till it is perfect.”, said Sunny Kumar adding,” This pandemic has been brutal for small scale traders; they had problems buying goods, even if they were able to buy it, transportation was a huge issue. We want to change that”.

    The idea behind the formation of MailPitch by Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel is to empower businesses having low purchasing power and help them in growing more through automated emails. When asked about the reason behind this project, they said “In this havoc situation of COVID-19, all businesses are suffering and making a huge loss by not marketing things correctly and because of this, they’re at a stage of bankruptcy. So we’re planning to launch this product and make it accessible for everyone and maybe using this way, we can help them a little bit.”

    They plan not to levy any markup on a product, and they only charge a membership fee, which they claim will be quite nominal. They also revealed that they plan to launch it by the third quarter of 2021. Sunny Bundel said, “This is just a modest estimate. We plan to launch it before the specified dates and hope we get support from the community”. We can only hope they succeed. Maybe Mail Pitch could be a refreshing change in the business and marketing industry.