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  • Agoro Carbon Alliance, backed by Yara, takes its first step to ‘grow with the growers’ in Punjab and Haryana

    Published on November 29, 2021

    Strengthened by over 700 Yara (Yara Fertilisers) Crop Nutrition Centres across the country, Agoro Carbon Alliance has initiated creating its strong presence in North-West India

    Intending to grow with the growers, Agoro Carbon Alliance initiated demonstrations, research and on-ground activities with the farmers in Punjab and Haryana in November. Since the cropping season arrives early in the North-Western States, agronomists from Agoro Carbon Alliance reached the yielding land of Punjab and Haryana in this wheat season. To start with, the agronomists researched and worked on understanding the current farming practices, agricultural scenarios, challenges on-ground in these areas. Based on their research, Agoro Carbon Alliance is beginning to help farmers with the advanced intervention of agronomic management practices. To grow and produce in a more sustainable method, the agronomists are helping farmers locally with Input management such as – water, crop and tillage management, Balanced fertilization, etc. In addition to these, they are also focusing on the impacts on the environment by generating reliable farm carbon credits which will be an additional source of income for the farmers.

    Farmers on-ground face challenges concerning multiple aspects – availability of nutrients, knowledge gap in the best farming practices to follow, managing inputs to maximize produce. Farmers also need Government intervention and support for their overall growth and sustainable improvement. Agoro Carbon Alliance is trying to understand the best scope of intervention to help and enable farmers in achieving their goals, which will therefore help the organisation in achieving their goal of improving soil health.

    Speaking on the first step of their programme, Prithviraj Sen Sharma, Managing Director of Agoro Carbon Alliance India, said, “We have stepped in the high-yielding lands of Punjab and Haryana, and we aim to build quality and long-term relationships with the growers. We are working on a multi-season planning approach to benefit the farmers economically in the long run. Agoro Carbon Alliance is here to build credibility with the farmers and growers’ community across India.”

    Talking about the association with Agoro Carbon Alliance, Avtar Singh, a grower from Tarn Taran, said, “We farmers need new technology and adequate information to upgrade our farming practices and improve soil health. Agoro Carbon Alliance is providing us with exactly that, which makes us more inclined to the brand”.

    Talking about the association with Agoro Carbon Alliance, Prakash Chandar, a grower from Randouli, said, “We choose Agoro as their motive is both towards farmers’ growth and environmental sustainability. Having faced constant problems of pollution and soil degradability, Agoro brings us a good option to improve both soil and production.”

    With the conclusion of the sowing process, Agoro Carbon Alliance is organizing a ten-day event in villages across the state. This event, hosted by the on-ground teams from Agoro Carbon Alliance, will facilitate Farmers’ meets and visits to Agoro farms.

    Agoro Carbon Alliance isn’t here to sell anything to the farmers. Their core focus is sustainable farming and the business model revolves around monetizing sustainable agricultural practices, and creating a circular Carbon economy so the benefits can reach the growers directly.