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  • Saturday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:12:31
  • The world is changing at a rapid pace. From an era where machines were introduced to reduce the heavy load work of the masses to technology doing every small thing for us whether it is a household activity or millions worth calculations of multi-millionaire, everything can be done by just a click or touch. One such great start-up is introduced by Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen prasad. The dynamic duo came up with an app called AGW Universe for the betterment of the society. Everyone has mobile phones in this digital era and they plan to reach the common man through the app. Citizens of India are struggling and the media isn’t ready to show what is necessary.

    AGW Bharat and AGW Universe are the brand products of AGW Media Network. Neeteesh and Naveen took an initiative of showcasing the truth and set the path of journalism right. Their youth oriented news channel AGW Bharat was incorporated on 6th February 2021. The moto of this news channel is to revive the real journalism in India through the youth force.

    Naveen was born on 11th January 2002 in Kolkata – City of Joy, West Bengal, India. He completed his tenth standard at the age of 15 and after that, he studied in an open school so that he could pursue Journalism. Apart from Journalism he holds knowledge of web designing and writing blogs which gives him an added advantage. In his professional life, he always receives a warm welcome due to his humble nature and dedication.

    Neeteesh Gaharwar was born on 10th February 1995 in Garhi, Rewa Madhya Pradesh. Neeteesh wanted to be a filmmaker so he moved to Mumbai. The inflation and livelihood expanses made him a journalist since he had good writing skills which turned into a passion for journalism. He spent some time in politics but came back to journalism after some time.

    Neeteesh and Naveen are all set to establish a new definition of youth driven media in India and bringing back the essence of journalism.


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