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  • Ahead of the festive season, Brillare introduces India’s first Zero Dilution Hair Oils, infused with Ayurvedic and natural ingredients

    Published on October 13, 2021

    Brillare, a proud homegrown 100% vegan, natural, and cruelty-free personal care brand launched India’s first-ever Zero Dilution and 100% natural hair oil range.

    There are no synthetic chemicals, added water, or preservatives in Brillare’s new series of oils, which are made with just natural components like cedarwood, sesame, and castor. This new product line has been carefully crafted to ensure that customers get real results from real natural goods, and they can do so without having to fork over a lot of cash!

    The Zero Dilution oil collection, which is the result of intense research and formulation science, is available in four different variations: Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil.

    Sesame Oil, 100% organic, cold-pressed, pure sesame oil for ayurvedic-inspired lukewarm oil massage to get healthy hair and well-nourished skin.

    Castor Oil, 100% organic, cold-pressed castor oil for stronger, fortified hair/eyelashes & to repair damaged skin.

    Coconut Oil, 100% organic, cold-pressed coconut oil for all-around hair & skin nourishment.

    The MRP for the Brillare Zero Diluted Hair Oil range is INR 595/- for a pack of 200 ml. These are available for purchase on the Brillare website or on Amazon.

    Jigar Patel, CEO of Brillare who is also a formulation scientist says, “We don’t believe in following well-worn routes at Brillare. For us, authentic distinctiveness and innovation are a way of life. We want to be a rare sparkling star in the personal care universe, providing unrivaled hair and skincare. As such a result, the name “Brillare” was chosen.” The entire natural ingredients-based oil range is 100 percent natural and packed with the proven benefits of cedarwood, coconut oil, onion oil, and castor oil, delivering zero-dilution personal care to our Indian customers.


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