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  • Ajay Chanam – Indian Rock Songwriter, Composer and Singer Launches Musical Movement Against Rape

    Published on April 20, 2015

    MusicBangalore: Choona Hai Mana, a campaign against ‘Rape’ and a plea for a safer, rape-free environment for women and the girl child in India has recently been launched by Ajay Chanam, an Indian rock song writer, singer and composer. The digital campaign #choonahaimana urges Indians to raise their voice against rape and appeal for a safer society for women.

    Choona Hai Mana has been supported by MTV Indies and citizens can support the digital campaign by using “#choonahaimana” on their Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin profiles.

    Written and composed by Ajay Chanam due rising instance of rape – Choona Hai Mana attempts articulating and communicating, in song, indignation of women and girl child in India. It is their voices Ajay attempts to carry through this Song.