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  • Alisha Rajput winning hearts with her heartwarming performances and charming persona

    Published on November 18, 2021

    If Instagram is your platform of choice to listen to Shayaris then you must have surely come across Alisha Rajput. The 26 years old Instagram sensation is entertaining lakhs of followers with her content. “Shayaris are one of the purest expressions of feelings”, says Alisha. In multiple stories and interviews on the internet, Alisha mentioned her gratitude towards Instagram and TikTok that enabled her to do what she loves. 

    Alisha started humbly on Instagram. Until TikTok was banned in India, she gained a following of over 7 million. Alisha was producing great content in her shayaris that mesmerized the hearts of her fans. While the banning of TikTok was a setback for many, Alisha was already working on optimizing herself and her content for Instagram. 

    The transition from TikTok to Instagram was very smooth for her. Alisha Rajput is inching close to 2.5 million active followers. @alisharajput_22 is one of the most searched usernames for Shayaris on Instagram. Along with shayaris, she has started to take a great interest in travel and fashion. It won’t be much to say that Alisha will eventually become one of the most popular ‘Instagrammers’ in India. 

    Alisha’s journey to 2.5 million on Instagram is a combination of hard work, dedication, consistency, and creativity. She has a knack for creating content that her audience will love the most. It is content creators like Alisha (also known as Chitra Singh), who reminds us that short video platforms are a place for artists. Her content is predominantly Shayaris in Hindi. These Shayaris reflect her thoughts, ideas, and also act like a mirror to the nature of people & society. This is the very reason why Alisha Rajput is on the verge of becoming the biggest Shayari profile on Instagram. The Social Media Influencer also takes immense interest in acting, dancing, and fashion as well. 

    Over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, we witnessed many influencers taking over the internet. Instagram being the hub showed us the best of stars and talents. While most of the Instagrammers were from major cities of India, Alisha hailed as the small-town girl from Raipur. She started as a simple content creator and went on to receive a much greater response than anticipated. This is how she became the biggest Shayari account on Instagram and also an inspiration to many small-town girls. 
    At just 22, Alisha has witnessed the success and fame that many people dream about. Alisha’s best attribute is her understanding of what the audience likes. This is the very reason why her growth on any social media platform has been consistent and steady. She will soon cater an audience that will have millions more.