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  • All that you need to know about Osman Osman, South African businessman Northern Warriors cricket team co-owner

    Published on September 18, 2021

    Osman Osman’s journey to incredible success as a South-African businessman is inspiring the youth worldwide. 

    Osman and his wife Shaaista Khan Osman, with their company “Blu Blood”, are behind the best events and shows in Dubai and South Africa.

    Of the many things that turned heads of people and attracted their attention across the world, the rise of certain young entrepreneurs, who also took risks during these trying times, made the most headlines. It would have been unfair to not mention the incredible determination a few professionals showed during Covid times to make sure they kept maintaining the momentum for gaining success steadily. Amongst them, two names have been making all the buzz for all the right reasons right now; they are Osman Osman and his wife, Shaaista Khan Osman.

    Apart from the recognition he has gained as the co-owner of the Northern Warriors cricket team in Abu Dhabi, Osman received much momentum for the efforts he consistently put into taking his and his wife’s firm Blu Blood to enormous levels of success. Blu Blood has made headlines as an events and lifestyle management company, where he hosts big Bollywood performers and talents and the very best in comedy heavyweights from South Africa and around the world. 

    Delivering the best lifestyle, luxury and entertainment productions have become the company’s forte. They have thrived on their professionalism and perfection in each of their events. A combined experience of more than 35 years in communications, marketing, hospitality and logistics have also turned their firm Blu Blood into an innovative lifestyle and management company, specializing in a host of services, like artist & tour management, project management, events & productions, crisis management, social media, PR & digital marketing. 

    Both of them even began several community-based feeding schemes as community outreach projects to help people during the pandemic. There has been a rise in online shows; however, a lot of frustration is in the market with people wanting live entertainment but having to still follow regulations. The functioning of Blu Blood, even under these compromising times, is what success is for them. In 2020, the Blu Blood team even restarted the entertainment industry in Dubai by hosting the world’s first live, ‘COVID-conscious’ Bollywood music concert with Sonu Nigam in collaboration with musicians worldwide.

    Osman has also been a part of the hit South African feature film, Material and Material 2 and is excited for the new Material to be released in South Africa on October 15th. Shaaista, in 2017, was a part of the Board of Directors for Commonwealth Businesswomen Africa, and in 2021, has been placed in the position of Chairperson for the Commonwealth Businesswomen South Africa chapter, an organization working for women’s economic empowerment and leadership and connecting businesswomen in Africa to the Commonwealth world. Her biggest project to date is World Women’s Network, of which she has received two nominations at the 2018 Standard Bank Top Women Awards as the frontrunner for gender empowerment as Top Businesswomen of the Year and Top Gender Empowerment Company in Innovation through Technology.

    The duo is unstoppable in their ventures and projects and still feel they have just begun.


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