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  • All unclean workers will receive benefit of scholarship schemes, irrespective of their caste- Tripura Minister

    Published on May 21, 2022

    Tripura ministers announces increment in scholarship benefits and extends horizon of those benefits towards all unclean workers: SC and Non-SC.
    In his latest press conference, Tripura Minister, Shri Bhagaban Das, announced extension of several benefits netted out by the state government. Shri Das, who is the minister of the scheduled caste, labour and ARDI departments, announced a drastic increase in the online application period for SC Scholarship. “Earlier the portal used to be open for three months. A lot of applicants missed out on the deadline due to several unforeseen reason. Now, the portal shall remain open yearlong.”, the minister announced. He also claimed that this will ensure that hundred percent of all potential beneficiaries are able to reap benefits of the schemes.

    The minister also announced increments in several scholarship benefits, “Pre-matriculation scholarship for day-scholars was stagnant at INR 2,250 earlier. The sum has been increased to INR 3,500. The same for hostellers has been increased to INR 7,000 from the previous INR 5.250.” Shri Das stated that sum of the scholarship (standards one through ten) for wards of unclean workers has been increased to INR 3,500 from INR 1,850, for day-scholars and INR 8,000 from INR 7,000, for hostellers.

    “All unclean workers, irrespective of whether they’re SC or not, shall be able to apply for the scholarship from now on.”, the minister announced, “This will benefit children of all unclean workers. We’re expecting higher number of applications this year due to all these reforms.”

    He also announced several other increments for post-matriculation scholarship of scheduled caste students. Students enrolled in primary professional degrees like engineering and medical are classified under group I and shall receive a revised sum of INR 13,500, surpassing the previous sum of INR 12,000. Group II applicants, comprising courses like engineering diploma and B. Pharma shall receive a sum of INR 9,500 against the previous sum of INR 8,200. Those belonging to group III (B.Sc, B. Com, M.Com etc) shall receive a sum of INR 6,000 (increased from the previous sum of INR 5,700) and those belonging to group IV shall receive INR 4,000 surpassing the previous sum of INR 3,800. “All these increments are implemented with immediate effect from the 2022-23 session onwards”, Shri Bhagaban Das concluded.


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