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Alteryx Unveils Industry’s First AI Assistant Designed to Empower Users to Seamlessly Build Analytical Workflows

 Alteryx, Inc., a leader in AI for enterprise analytics, today announced Alteryx AiDIN Copilot, the industry’s first AI assistant designed to empower users to seamlessly build analytical workflows for improved revenue and business efficiency. Alteryx AiDIN Copilot will leverage Google Cloud’s Gemini AI models to give customers a conversational interface to interact with data.

Companies like Kingfisher and DoorDash are already gaining value from using the Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics, which is powered by the Alteryx AiDIN AI engine. For example, Kingfisher is able to reduce month-end data consolidation from two weeks to two days, accelerating their time to insight by seven times.

Further, Alexander Barr, senior manager, revenue data at DoorDash, noted: “Like many organizations, we’re tasked with doing more with less in today’s challenging economy. That’s why our team at DoorDash relies on Alteryx to help us leverage the power of data to work more efficiently and support our mission of helping businesses innovate, grow, and reach more customers. We’re excited to see how Alteryx AiDIN Copilot’s generative AI-powered capabilities can help us innovate faster, adapt more quickly to market changes, and achieve cost effective growth at scale.”

The new Alteryx AiDIN Copilot is being designed to enable:

•          New and experienced data workers to solve business problems even faster: AiDIN Copilot will place tools directly on the Alteryx Designer canvas, reduce the time spent on manual configurations, and overall accelerate the analytics process.

•          All employees regardless of technical acumen to make data-driven decisions using AI: Users will be able to simply chat with AiDIN Copilot, and it will respond back with best-practice answers to guide the creation of analytics workflows in Alteryx Designer, Alteryx’s leading drag-and-drop desktop analytics solution.

•          IT to use AI in a governed and trusted environment: Built on Alteryx’s Responsible AI Principles, IT leaders can trust in Alteryx’s governance capabilities, such as Private Data Handling, Referenceable AI, or Upskilling Program, to serve as guardrails to democratizing the power of AI.

“Embedding AI into our products enables our customers to be more efficient and deliver high-value insights at unparalleled speed,” said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer at Alteryx. “We believe enterprises will gain a competitive edge by leveraging the automation and innovation embedded in Alteryx Designer with AiDIN Copilot and will empower everyone across the business to tackle their most pressing problems with analytics.”

From generative AI to cloud analytics, Alteryx is showcasing continued innovation across its portfolio at Alteryx Inspire 2024. This includes enhancements that enable customers to build high-value analytics use cases with their own data on Playbooks, an AiDIN-powered Auto Insights feature, take advantage of new enterprise readiness capabilities with the Alteryx Designer and Server 24.1 releases, and accelerate their journey to the cloud with Azure support for Cloud Execution for Desktop.

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