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  • Amarinder is liar – Sukhbir Badal

    Published on April 19, 2014

    Chandigarh,(Hindusthan Samachar ):  Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today said Congress, Amritsar candidate Capt. Amarinder Singh had proved he was a liar too besides being an absentee legislator and inaccessible to the common man.

    In a statement here, the SAD President said it was strange that Capt Singh was now claiming that he was not a reluctant candidate from Amritsar and that he had not tried to run away from the contest. “Capt Singh has recently made this statement in an interview to a national television channel despite the fact that the interviewer made it clear him that the statements issued by him prior to being made the candidate from Amritsar proved otherwise”.

    Badal said either Capt Singh was suffering from amnesia or he was deliberately lying on the issue. “I think the second contention is the right one because Capt Singh claims he is in good mental and physical health”.

    Reminding the Congress leader of his statements on contesting from Amritsar, the Deputy CM said “you made the following statement and I quote verbatim”  – Even if I (Capt Amarinder)  contest and am elected as an MP from Amritsar, I will not be able to do justice with people there as compared to someone who would be local. Besides being an outsider, I don’t know Amritsar as much as someone from that area. I will not be able to spend required period of time there.

    The SAD President want to on the say “you (Amarinder) are always bragging about your manly exploits. Why are you behaving in a cowardly fashion now and not being man enough to admit to what you said on the issue of contesting from Amritsar”.

    Badal said Capt Singh’s insistence on lying on the issue had exposed him in front on the people. He said the people of Amritsar would also take Capt Singh’s bragging and fake aggression for what it was – a bundle of bluster of lies aimed at befooling the people”.

    Challenging Capt Singh to debate issues as well as development the SAD President said “I challenge Capt Singh to list one big ticket project he has got for Amritsar during his period as chief minister of the State. I also challenge him to tell the people of the holy city what development he initiated in Amritsar and how often he visited the city during his tenure as chief minister”.

    Stating that Capt Singh would never give answers to such questions which forced him to speak the truth, Mr Badal said the Congress leader only believed in bluster and lies. “The people have seen enough of both and will teach you such a lesson that you will never again attempt to participate in electoral politics again”, he added.


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