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  • Amazon Pay’s new campaign #AbHarDinHuaAasanshowcases the power of digital payments in making everyday life easy

    Published on November 9, 2021

    The film traces the evolution of digital payments and exemplifies the trust, convenience and rewards offered by Amazon Pay

    Amazon Pay announced the launch of #AbHarDinHuaAasan– a digital-led campaign that highlights the convenience and safety of digital payments on the platform and its positive impact on millions of customers across India. The campaign unfolds with a digital film that celebrates the evolution of money and various business activities, from cash to digital, across generations. It further showcases how Amazon Pay can be used to pay anyone, anywhere, effortlessly, and instantly.

    Speaking about the campaign, MahendraNerurkar, CEO & VP, Amazon Pay India said, “Over the last few years, digital payments have become an integral part of our lives. Amazon Pay constantly works to provide a trusted, convenient, and rewarding payments experience to millions of customers and small businesses. #AbHarDinHuaAasan is our endeavor to demonstrate how digital payments simplify daily lives for these stakeholders. Through this campaign, we have captured various perspectives and stories that further strengthen the sense of trust around digital payments and drive adoption.”

    The campaign film captures an array of use cases, i.e., shopping in a marketplace or online, recharges and utility bills, payment to delivery personnel,and more to showcase the convenience of payments through Amazon Pay. It also narrates how Amazon Payhas enabled small business owners such as street vendors to seamlessly start accepting digital payments. Lastly, it touches the softer chords by depicting the happiness associated with hassle-free and reliable payments.

    Amazon Pay offers a large set of use-cases ranging from paying utility bills and restaurant bills to booking travel tickets, transferring money and much more. Customers can use different payment modes on Amazon Pay, including Amazon Pay Later, Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card & Amazon Pay UPI to shop seamlessly. They also have the flexibility to extend their budget and shop for their favorite items across categories like electronics, home appliances, beauty & fashion, travel tickets, digital gold and much more.


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