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Ameer Merchant- an astute entrepreneur and founder of Euphoria

Ameer merchant is a visionary businessman who hs carved a niche around himself. Being aware of his caliber and having the zeal to start something new on his own, Ameer launched the venture- Euphoria Euphoria is now a one-stop destination for all the snack munchers who love to have fried onion flakes. The company provides a credible online platform for the purchase of one of the most favorite snacks of the majority of Indians- Fried Onion Flakes.

Ameer Merchant was born in 1988 in Bhavnagar, India. He is a business graduate who has recently moved to Dubai. He was brought up in Bhavnagar, Gujrat, in India. It won’t be wrong to say that being born in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Ameer had the inborn entrepreneurial skills embedded in him. His MBA degree added an extra advantage in business skills. Along with euphoria he has another business known as “ marine enterprise”.  Marine enterprise is a business where  they supply  shipping huge machineries & spares to all world famous companies.

Not only this but a factory of dehydrating fruits and vegetables named as “island

Food co” which has cold storage capac of 5000 tons , is another niche company of ameer. His wide spread of business doesn’t end here ! In iran he has a water factory and compound chocolate factory.

It takes a whole lot of courage and knowledge to turn your vision into reality and Ameer Merchant exemplifies it. Being one of the most renowned Entrepreneurs, he keeps thriving to level up his game and take his business to new heights. Attending several business trips can be a hassle but it is not the case for Ameer. Being a travel enthusiastic  he enjoys traveling on several business trips.   Being an successful entrepreneur was not cakewalk for him. Difficulties have been a part and parcel of his life. Accepting failures and learning through them is another quality that adds up to Ameer’s personality and makes him a prominent person. Ameer Merchant going through the toughest times. His family has always been there through thick and thin. His prominence as an entrepreneur and public inspiration is all the result of his family support and devotion for hardwork.

It won’t be wrong to say that through his hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of the domain, Ameer has established himself as one of the emerging businessmen of the country.He is still working hard to reach new heights of success and we all know that his zeal to be better will drive him to success. 

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