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  • AMRI Hospitals provides quality care through Family First Card for parents and elderly

    Published on July 5, 2019

    In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the AMRI Hospitals, one of Eastern India’s largest private healthcare networks, has launched the ‘Family First Card’, a privilege health card aimed at NRIs and PIos, who have family living in India. The idea behind the card is to provide healthcare with the quality assurance of the AMRI brand name to elderly parents.

    Several surveys, including one of Kolkata Police, have revealed that a vast majority of Indians live away from their parents, and while they are away from home, AMRI Hospitals will ensure that their parents have access to healthcare and Emergency medical services. AMRI Hospitals has proactively extended its superlative healthcare services to the elderly, ensuring timely and assured medical assistance. By introducing a great means of medical care through the Family First Card, we attempt to reach out to people in India and all across the globe, to help them take care of their parents better.

    With its initiation during the North America Bengali Conference (NABC), the Family First Card is expected to be a great support for NRIs and their families back in India. Working on the objective of providing intensive care, it has received significant interest amongst Bengalis and other Indians living outside India.

    “We work as caregivers, ensuring that your family gets medical attention and care when needed. AMRI helps reduce your additional time, stress and financial worries that are often associated with health –care services. Be assured that your parents will be taken full care of” – said, Mr Rupak Barua, Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals.

    AMRI Hospitals has also got on board Home Healthcare Solutions (HHSall-round elderly care right at their homes. The benefits provided by the exclusive card come in the form of preventive and emergency care services including extended offerings of nursing, physiotherapy, medication plans, physical consultations and more.

    The quality treatments and considerably lower costs of treatment have helped people attain the highest standard of medical care. With our panel of doctors possessing clinical expertise and proactive decision making in concordance with the patient’s family members, we provide the best possible course of treatment for the patient.

    One can avail the wide-ranging benefits of health care by registering with just USD 99. Apart from special rates for packages, priority booking for appointments with top consultants, critical care and prompt ambulance services, other additional facilities that a subscriber can avail are:

    • Access to day care centers across different units of AMRI
    • World Class super specialty care
    • Concierge for hospital visits and general needs
    • Physical consultations and routine checkups
    • Nursing and Physiotherapy
    • Priority appointment with Senior Consultants of AMRI Hospital
    • Special Medication Plans, and much more
    • Register with 99USD to receive unlimited benefits of the exclusive Card

    AMRI Hospitals believes that the Family First Card will help parents of NRIs avail the care and treatment they both need and deserve. All units of AMRI hospitals ensure that patients receive the unparalleled quality of medical services. Depending on the individual patient’s medical condition, the treatments can range from general health- care to specialized medical services, providing people the utmost value in the most cost-effective manner.

    The Family First Card offers a host of benefits for the cardholder as well as for the family members.