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  • An exclusive interview with Ms. Neeru Jain founder NSAM run by mother -son duo

    Published on February 28, 2021

    Neeru tell us about your journey ?

    I come from a small town in Haryana. My family was very conservative and it took me lots of effort and persuasion to convince my parents to let me finish my studies after I finished my B.com I did B.Ed as teaching was always my passion. I even joined a local School for some time but had to leave my job and my dreams after I got married and shifted to Gujarat but it is wisely said that universe conspires to make you achieve your dream and I got this opportunity when I shifted to Mumbai  in form of NSAM academy. The institute which was set up with the only motive of providing right education and guidance to anyone who has a dream.i also run an NGO called “Parvarish Yogdan Santha” which aims to support the underprivileged.

    Why you chose to start an institute in these fields only ?

    Education that helps in honing your skill can help in creating employable future for India and also gives many an opportunity to be self-depended and start their own business. 

    How difficult it is for a woman to play various roles ?

    Well , it’s never that difficult if your passion drives you and your family supports you and I am truly blessed to have a very supportive family who are my strength and also critics.

    You and your son represent two different generation don’t u both have some argument over some differences?

    Not actually argument but yes we both always have a healthy discussion and I always encourage Ayush to share his thoughts and ideas because we are in a field where we are dealing with young generation and Ayush’ s perspectives and ideas are fresh and in sync with today’s thought process. The ideas that Ayush brought for the marketing of the brand have totally helped in giving NSAM a younger and a fresher face.

    Ayush you are so young how do you manage running an institute and what are your contributions?

    I have a business family background and business is in my blood it’s something that has always fascinated me. I love challenges and I think not just an entrepreneur but rather any individual is judged on the basis of their problem solving skills. I try and have as many interactive opportunities with students as possible to understand their expectations, their visions and even their inhibitions the yes those become my area of focus in my monthly to do list. I know the power of marketing and how it can help in creating a  rand the same ideas I bring to the table during our meetings .

     The covid 19 situation has helped me learn a lot of things such as marketing, brand building , networking and many other things especially  working on myself. My only agenda is to make people know about NSAM’s mission and vision. 

    Don’t u and mom have differences?

    Well as soon as I enter the NSAM premises Neeru Jain is my senior and not a mom When at institute I am not given the upper hand of being Ms. Neeru Jain’s son, she always has been very clear that I have to prove myself just like any other team member at NSAM and yes as far as differences are concerned  due to the generation gap our thinking is poles apart like sun and moon but when we have to take any decision we brainstorm and discuss each and every possibility before coming to a conclusion Mom definitely has more experience thinks differently so you can say I benefit from my mother’s experience and also through my experience and exposure to new technology.

    How you manage your studies and work together ?

    My mother being an educationist is very strict about my studies and belives that its education that makes a man human. At the same time I have inherited my dad’s entrepreneur skill and I think these two pillars in my life help me in having a perfect balance. 

    You have been into sports why you did not continue your passion ?

    I have never given up on sports rather it is something that helps me in  de stressing myself. I still like hitting the ground whenever I have time. It’s true that  business or working on an idea, gives me more adrenaline rush but playing is equally important as it  makes your mind fresh and is good for body to keep you fit.

    What are your hobbies and do you get time for them ?

    I like reading a lot… business books, autobiographies, personal development and many more, readers are leaders… I love to play as well and Sundays I get time and traveling is what I love and surely will start once I am able to make NSAM a global brand.

    Lastly where you see NSAM in 5 years from here ?

    Well my mother’s aim behind having NSAM was only to create skilled and talented professionals and entrepreneurs through right guidance and education, so I will just say that from 5 years now I see NSAM as a place that has given this country and industry the gems that excel in whatever they do.

    by Sachin murdeshwar