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  • An IIT-IIM graduate who almost joined RAW, before becoming a new-age spiritual icon.

    Published on June 17, 2019

    Why are we here? What is the ultimate purpose of life? Is there a God? How does one grasp and apply the concepts and rich learning of our Indian scriptures and holy texts in this fast-paced world?

    These questions, though eternally important, have been thought of as pertinent only to the esoteric field of spirituality. Musing over such topics has generally brought confusion to truth-seeking beginners. And gotten them tepid responses from their friends so engrossed in the daily grind of life, that the basic subjects of existence — finding inner joy, inner peace, exploring world beyond material realms, questioning human identity — have all become a luxury they can’t afford to spend time on. This is not a casual judgement  but a reality that surrounds us in the IOS-Android-AI era of humanity. The art of self-discovery, self-exploration and insightful wisdom is lost upon most of us.

    Yet, things can, and do change. Answers are easy to gather if you have a leader who has seen and done it all, and is determined to guide you towards inner light.

    Prashant Tripathi, known as Acharya Prashant, founder and mentor of Prashant Advait Foundation, was born on March 7, 1978, at Agra, India. A prodigal reader of literature as well as spiritual texts since his childhood, and a poet, Acharya Prashant did his schooling from various cities in the country. A brilliant student, he consistently topped his classes, board exams, and cleared NTSE and other competitive exams, earning the highest commendations and prizes possible to a student. Then he went on to do his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. His years at IIT were full of exploration of the world, deep involvement in student politics, and earning accolades as a debater and an actor in nationwide events and competitions. He went on to clear the UPSC civil services exam, but soon resigned from bureaucracy to pursue management studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He then worked with a few top-notch corporate companies before bidding goodbye to corporate life, and finally founded his own spiritual organisations.           

    Acharya Prashant engages himself in leading the work of hundreds of volunteers for ‘Creation of a new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’. Seekers visit or

    Connect with him from all over the world through his discourses on various life-topics, self-awareness activities, learning camps, and one-to-one meetings. The spiritual camps held all over the country, and abroad, under his guidance, provide seekers the opportunity to undergo spiritual and meditative transformations of the highest kind.

    Apart from the learning camps, Acharya Prashant delivers discourses during the sessions conducted at the online courses.

    His understanding, approach, and methods are considered path-breaking, unique, and as heralding the age of a totally new and different kind of spirituality that is absolutely original, and is yet the contemporary culmination of all spiritual streams of the past.

    He has devoted himself for the work of Truth and is leaving no stone unturned to spread awareness to as many as possible.

    Prashant Advait Foundation is a philanthropic initiative to bring about a much needed socio-spiritual revolution of the highest kind. It is credited with creating the world’s largest free online inventory of top class spiritual content. Around 7000 free videos of Acharya Prashant dealing with all possible aspects of human problems and human existence are freely available to the world at large. Every month the content is further added to. In English and Hindi, Acharya Prashant has spoken on innumerable saints and scriptures, religions and philosophies, from all places and ages. Some parts of these recordings have been published in form of 24 books and can be befittingly called as part of mankind’s timeless heritage.

    Besides, the Foundation invests itself in promotion of awareness on contemporary social and global issues like Climate Change, Preservation of ecology, Animal welfare, Veganism, Sustainable consumption, and promotion of a scientific consciousness to counter superstitions, religious extremism, and bigotry.

    The author of the article is Prashant Tripathi also known as Acharya Prashant.