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  • An innovative online pre primary school launched by Dudes & Dolls with a clear focus on child development of 0-5 Years

    Published on June 8, 2021

    New Delhi: Known for its path breaking work in the space of early childhood development. New Delhi NCR (Faridabad) based Dudes & Dolls school launched its online pre primary school on 1st June 2021. Parents’ orientation of the first batch of students was also successfully completed on 29th May 2021. 

    After the program, Mr. Ritesh Rawal Founder of the school shared very passionately “Child development should never stop in any situation, it should never be compromised, and the online school must be same as physical school with this thought in mind we can ensure that the online school will contribute in the overall child development like a physical school does”

    Dudes & Dolls was started in the year 2012 and ever since its inception it has created a unique space in the early childhood education. Always known for being ahead of time, it has a lot of “first in the segment” initiatives under its name. And this time they have announced a very new concept “360 Degree Responsibility of Bespoke Child Development” as per this concept, early childhood education and initial 5 years of life are absolutely crucial for the development of a child and on time inputs required at this stage are essential for the correct growth of children, and there has to be someone in the society who can stand up with courage and say that we are ready to take complete responsibility of children development, we will not just provide education but we will also track the progress in all the aspects such as physical ,  language, social and cognitive development, we will guide parents about taking the right action at the right time and implement a “Bespoke development method” for each child.

     Dudes & Dolls is the first in the segment to create a system of “Bespoke Child development” its has created its own curriculum, trained its team, and created processes to implement it with same rigor in online as well as physical school.

    The online school was inaugurated in a virtual program, Dudes & Dolls School has been working in the early childhood development space since 2012 and have rich experience of nurturing children of 0 to 5 years, when lockdown was announced in the year 2020, they experimented with few development methods which can be implemented in the online mode, understood the challenges parents, children and teachers go through while dealing with online mode of learning, In 2021 when lockdown was announced again Dudes & Dolls team realized that it will have to think out of the box and remove “online mode” as an obstacle in creating  child development methods , once they did that they came up with innovative solutions such as creating a home teaching studio for teachers, solving parents challenges such as time creating theme based “Monthly Activity Material Box” to save the time of parents which was otherwise  wasted in organizing and printing material, created innovating learning methods for children so that they can enjoy this phase of learning,  Dudes & Dolls is known for innovation and it will continue practicing  it in all form of work, that’s the spirit behind the new concept.  


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