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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:02:16
  • We all live filled with hectic lifestyle. We need relax down in our lives. It is important to take a break and take out times for ourselves. Most of us love to indulge in soothing songs. Devotional and melodious songs relax us from our normal routine. Not many singers dedicate themselves to devotional and soulful singing. 

     Anamika Shrivastava, is one of such talented singers, who chose to dedicate their career to devotional singing. “I have full faith in God, he always have his own plan. For me also, he created opportunities out of nowhere and now I am happy where I am.” She said with a smile. She is an avid follower of lord Shiva and Mata Rani. Her songs depict the wonders of God. “I feel calm and composed while singing my heart out.” She shared.
    Talking further, why she choose devotional singing over commercial ones, “It is my way of saying thank you to God, they have blessed me with the talent, now it’s my turn to repay. Also, I feel more close to the universe. Commercial singing never attracted me so much.” She answered.
     Anamika have gathered lakhs of followers around the world. Her songs are available on YouTube. “I feel through Internet my voice can reach every corner of the world. It is not only me singing but everyone rejoicing with me.” She added with a smile. 

    She started her career after two kids and it was her elder daughter who recognised her talent and pushed her further, “ I am very thankful to child who actually saw her mother’s talent and pushed me out of regular life.” She stated with a smile.  She is definitely courageous and loves her work. Recently, on Shivratri she had launched a new track. We wish her all the best!