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    Animal Airways Provides Perfect Solutions for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Published on October 27, 2010

    London: The holiday season is fast approaching and millions of pet owners are scheduled to travel abroad. Animal Airways, the global pet flight provider, is prepared to offer comprehensive pet boarding services worldwide.

    Whether you wish to fly with your pets or leave them close to home during the holidays, Animal Airways’ pet boarding services will provide you with the best solutions possible. We are here to assist our clients by locating pets boarding facilities and coordinating their stay throughout the holiday season focusing on providing pets with the safest and most comfortable hosting environment that will be convenient for the whole family as well.

    Dr. Eytan Kreiner, head veterinarian at Animal Airways: “When it comes to our clients, pets are a part of the family. Our entire operation evolves around assisting pet owners with relocating with their pets any where and any time. Animal Airways provides its clients with: flight related veterinary support, pet cargo services, documents and regulation approval, flight consultation, airline ticket reservation for people and pets, boarding kennels etc. The boarding service is a bit different but still serves our main goals – assisting pet owners worldwide.”

    Animal Airways flight management team collaborates with pets boarding facilities worldwide throughout the year as a part of the flight services that are geared for long distance flights that include over day/night stops. We work with the best boarding facilities that deliver the best conditions possible for our clients’ pets taking into consideration all factors: Sanitary conditions, security arrangements, veterinary support, manpower etc.

    Having excellent working relations with pets’ boarding facilities worldwide, we can locate a kennel facility that’s close to your home or one that’s close to your hotel or to the airport from which you will be flying via. We will take care of the reservation process, obtaining a compatible price and most importantly – we will make sure that you pet is hosted at a boarding house that maintains the highest possible standards.

    Animal Airways’ boarding services include supervised pet shuttles that deliver your pet safely to the boarding house (from your home or from the airport) and vice versa. Our shuttle service saves time and complications and it’s a service that enjoys great demand throughout the year and is especially essential during the holiday rush.

    Miri G. Ross, head of the flight management team at Animal Airways: “The holiday season this year is expected to be hectic. We strongly advice our clients to take care of their travel affairs as soon as possible in order to make sure that they manage to reserve the best spots for their best friends.”


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