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Ankit Jha, the Indian digital creator for the National Geographic cover story, claims that Chris Burkard is his inspiration

With the handle @justankitjha, he has been showing his creativity on Facebook and Instagram.

Ankit Jha, a Didital creator and social media influencer, is currently trending on print media, Instagram, YouTube and all over the internet driving the audience with craze, fun, and entertainment. The entertaining videos, powerful content, and creative thinking make the channel super on all fronts. The channel also comprises filmmaking travel vlogs that are entertaining and informative. Currently, his social media accounts with the username “justankitjha” are adorned with lots of subscribers, and the count is continuing with each passing day. The talent, dedication, and skill of Ankit Jha define his amazing videos.

Ankit Jha’s identity?

 Ankit Jha is a travel photographer, filmmaker, and content creator who started out by documenting his stories on Instagram with the account “justankitjha.” Ankit is from Jaipur, Rajasthan-India. Born and brought up in Ajmer in a well-educated family on July 23, 1999, his father and mother are government officers. Ankit being elder amongst the siblings is responsible most. He has completed a Bachelor of Computer Applications course from the Maharaja College of Rajasthan University, Jaipur, India. 

Ankit Jha’s beginnings as a creator of digital content over Instagram?

 In school, Ankit, being an average student, used to take part actively in extracurricular activities like dance, drama, acting, and sports. He was a fun-loving, cool type of person who loved living in the present and enjoying every moment. His friends used to appreciate his acting skills, saying he would become an actor or model one day. Initially, Ankit ignored and didn’t take things seriously, as he was more focused on sports and was keener on enjoying and living the present moments of life.
Later, he took admission at a famous institute in Jaipur for an IT degree. His active participation in dance and acting continued in college as well. Speaking about his journey, Ankit says, “It all started in 2014, when I completed my 12th board exams.” A boy who was passionate about filmmaking slowly started learning about photography, which, in its true essence, is all about preserving whatever is too good to be witnessed just once. Travel photography is about capturing the calm and joy of traveling. With each trip across India and beyond, he developed a passion for photography and eventually began planning his life to just live his passion.
Ankit Jha started posting his first-hand stories and video logs on social media handle @justankitjha with increasingly amazing and personalised storytelling skills, which eventually got him the online & offline audience on Instagram and tv news channels. His love for travelling converted into a career over time, and he said, “I was content with the living that this profession got me.” I did not want to commercialise my love of travel entirely to earn a living. At the same time, I couldn’t afford to halt my growth, so my businesses are a by-product of my urge to keep growing both professionally and financially in life.
Besides being an IT graduate and photographer, Ankit is also a travel freak. He is the greatest admirer of Indian culture, cuisine, traditions, and the beauty of nature. He wants to explore every state, every city of India and experience the richness of Indian culture and show the world the rich Indian heritage and cultural diversity. Thus, he started his travel vlog on YouTube and Instagram, “justankitjha,” where he posts travel series and videos. His vlog is also getting a huge response because of its robust content.
According to Ankit, travelling boosts your energy and willpower and motivates you to keep growing and learning. Your creativity levels, observation skills, and communication skills develop when you travel. 

Has Ankit Jha worked with Classic Rovers and National Geographic before? 

Ankit Jha got a chance to work with Classic Rovers, one of the best event management companies in Jaipur, reputed for flawless execution of events. The company takes pride in extending its expertise to ensure all events, including corporate, family, and other occasions, are conducted in the most exceptional and memorable manner possible. Ankit Jha is currently working with Classic Rovers as a digital creator, and according to him, Classic Rovers is a well-established and renowned name in the field of the travel and event industry since 1999, offering end-to-end solutions for all corporate travel, events, conferences, destination weddings, celebrity management, etc. all across the globe.
Ankit Jha got featured in National Geographic Story for his digital creation “minds of their own,” and he was on the front page news of the worldwide famous magazine for his photography. He is the youngest creator to be there with his travel filmmaking and photography. He was behind the cover for Jasper Doest and Paolo Verzone and was among the photographers who captured the rich inner lives of animals for National Geographic’s October cover story by Emily Martin and Sylvia Mphofe.

What does Ankit Jha think about his plans for the future?

Ankit is very happy and content with whatever he is doing right now, like filmmaking and vlogging. He is enjoying his Facebook & Instagram careers and learning several encouraging things from them. He inspires those who enjoy travelling to follow their passions without having to make the strange decision to “leave my job to chase my dreams.” He aims to change the general trend of travel on social media and make everyone believe they can travel. He goes by the saying, “Whenever a person has a will, they can find a way,” and tells all his people the same.
After five years of regular content creation, he was featured in the National Geographic Photographer Story, Indian Traveler Story, IB Times India, Latestly, IBG News, ED Times, News Track, Mid-Day newspaper, and other various news magazines like Verna, Fab World, US Times Now & Entertainment Paper, and he often won the title of “Best Travel Photographer.” Ankit Jha’s travel series from Dubai, Udaipur, Ajmer, and Jaipur, and all across India, are so popular among travel filmmakers. Even he got featured in various news websites over internet because of his amazing travel videos. He is one of the youngest travel photographers in India and got early fame and recognition because of his eye-pleasing photos and amazing video editing skills. He got featured in National Geographic this year and signed by Classic Rovers for his filmmaking and creative approach and got a chance to travel the world for their weddings and luxury car rental businesses.
And finally, Ankit Jha says that it’s important to have a good support system around you. Whether that’s friends and family who are supportive of your endeavour or other creators who can give you feedback and advice, it’s important to have people in your life who understand what you’re trying to do and can help you along the way.
Ankit Jha is quickly making a name for himself in the world of digital creation. Not only is he an accomplished travel photographer and video creator, but he also now runs his own successful production house and YouTube channel under his name. With a wealth of experience and talent at his disposal, there’s no doubt that Ankit is poised for even more success in the years to come. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

 You can connect with him on: https://instagram.com/justankitjha

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