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  • Ankur Chandrakant is the award winning cyber security and forensic expert of India known worldwide

    Published on May 3, 2022

    Ankur Chandrakant, is a world wide known expert in digital forensic science. He is a man of strong vision, thoughts, and information. More specifically he is the god of the world of cyber security. Ankur Chandrakant is an award winning Indian Cyber Security and Forensic Expert. 

    Ankur is aware of the fact that the process of digitalisation is growing day by day. Now, we can do 70% of our activities online without much bothering. This surely has made our lives easy and brought us close to our loved one but it does have negative effects on our day to day lives. Anyone,anywhere with a click of a button, can also hack our private digital space, put viruses, account compromises, etc. Things like this mostly happen with celebrities. Their accounts get hacked time and again by some fan,hater or anyone who wants to make their point. Celebs and their team are not much aware about technology and can’t handle such matters.

    Here is where Ankur comes in. All these years he has worked so hard to make the digital space a more safe place for everyone free from these kinds of threats. Ankit has always been the topic of the talk and been in headlines for his amazing work and efforts in the field of forensic science and Cyber Security. He pays the society he lives in his sweet own way. He is giving the society what he can give the best, his attempt to give back to society is in the form of his free of cost cyber counselling and cyber sessions through his platform, saving people from getting their accounts hacked on social media and the digital world.

    Ankur Chandrakant is not stopping at just being in one profession. He is exploring his career furthermore. He is increasing his presence in media and entertainment as a producer. Under Listed Media Productions, he has three web series in the progress, one on cybercrime and cyber terrorism (All Indian cast); the production will resume in June 2022, after being stalled due to the pandemic.

    Other than this he is also an eminent crypto zealot, and has amassed noticeable wealth in Crypto across Dubai, Barcelona, Indonesia to name a few. As per the audit by CertiK and PeckShield, He has worth $9.4 million worth of crypto assets including Currencies and NFT chains. He is willing to take that sun of money to $30 million. He is going to utilise this money for Noble causes like building Free hospitals and cyber schools.


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