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  • Ankush Bahuguna Makes Every Stride a Style Statement on The Red Carpet At The Cannes Film Festival

    Published on May 20, 2024

     One of the most popular, versatile, and widely loved content creators, who effortlessly experiments between comedy and beauty, Ankush Bahuguna, graced the prestigious red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, marking a noteworthy moment for South Asian representation. With this appearance, Bahuguna also became the first Indian male beauty content creator to debut on the global stage of Cannes.

    Adorning a bespoke reverse tuxedo designed by Rohitash Notani, Founder & Creative Director- Rosani, Ankush Bahuguna radiated confidence and panache. The avant-garde ensemble featured a larger-than-life black ornate bloom, a captivating embodiment of Notani’s Eclipsed Flora motifs, adding just the right amount of extravagant elegance to the classic tuxedo silhouette. To complement the look, Ankush opted for vintage editorial finger curls in the hair and a touch of glittery silver on the inner corners of the eyes.

    Speaking about the experience, Ankush Bahuguna excitedly said, “It was a very special and proud moment for me, my family, and the Indian beauty community. I think the best of the forces came together to bring this vision to life. I am immensely grateful to Rohitash Notani, the designer and stylist Akshay Tyagi, for putting together this exquisite ensemble for me. There is so much thought put behind this. Both Akshay and Rohitansh are perfectionists, and you can tell, from the details and the tailoring of the outfit. The reverse tuxedo reflects my personal style perfectly- it is experimental without screaming for attention. There is so much personality to this look, as opposed to an ordinary tuxedo. “

    Rohitash Notani, Founder & Creative Director- Rosani, was pleased to design a custom look for Bahuguna’s debut at Cannes. “Dressing Ankush was so satisfying because he was engaged in the creation himself. He’s someone who knows what he wants to showcase, takes a real interest in the process, and understands what the art of dressing can do for a person. For me, this is a pleasure because he is curious, experimental, and open, and stands for the things we care about – it’s as if our missions match. I knew it would be all-stars when he finally adorned the work. And it is.” Said the designer.

    Rohitash Notani partnered with ace celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi to style Ankush Bahuguna for the milestone event.  Tyagi, an established celebrity stylist, decoded the look he put together for Bahuguna, and said, “For this red carpet look customized by Rosani, Rohitash and I discussed how to turn the idea of a classic tuxedo reverse and make it unique to Ankush amidst a sea of men in black suits. Given his moniker ‘Wing It with Ankush’, I saw synergy with the winged shape of the flower that Rosani had recently done in his latest collection, and, besides, he so beautifully modernizes classic tailoring. It was a natural fit to see this come to life.”

    To Ankush, entertaining the masses is a well-trod territory, and to up the ante, he deep dived into acting with the web series Joint Venture (2019) and Badboli Bhavna (2022). He has also bagged several prestigious accolades like the Cosmopolitan Indian Blogger Award for ‘Beauty Influencer of The Year Male (Popular Choice)’ in 2021 and 2022 and Cosmopolitan India’s Breaking Barriers Award, ‘Outstanding Beauty Creator of the Year‘ at the Myntra x Grazia Glammy Awards in 2023, amongst other noteworthy ones.

    With an impeccable sense of style and a passion for beauty and self-expression, Ankush captivated audiences and industry insiders alike with his stunning presence and innovative approach to beauty content. This was Ankush’s first red-carpet appearance at Cannes, a significant moment of his career that placed him at the forefront of an ever-evolving landscape of beauty and fashion.


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