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  • Tuesday, December, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:22:49
  • Chicago, IL and Waltham, MA: Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. is pleased to announce that Ann Deck Solutions, LLC (ADS) of Boston, MA has become an Entrex Carbon Market member and has pledged to offset the company’s carbon footprint for 2019. The company’s goal is to maintain carbon neutrality through 2020 and beyond.

    “Many businesses and governments are moving towards smart resource use for a new model of growth. My team has a huge interest in helping organizations learn what their carbon footprints are and implement a cost-effective way to meet their carbon-reduction obligations,” said Ann Deck, Owner and Founder of ADS. “With solutions available through NZA and the Entrex Carbon Market, we can stop jeopardizing all life on this planet.”

    “Leveraging our qualifications as ISO14000 and 14001 – 2015 International Auditors, our expertise in carbon footprint calculation, we are working with ADS to guide them through gathering relevant data concerning their operations, and to determine both their immediate and future carbon-reduction goals,” explained George Sullivan, CEO of Net Zero Analysis. “Applying our web-based Carbon Footprint Calculator to Ann Deck’s energy-use data was our first step. We then developed a Carbon Replacement and Energy Efficiency Plan to tackle the companies concerns with future carbon mitigation. Ann’s concern with how climate change action impacts the financial services sector ensures she will continue to lead in the marketplace.”

    Stephen Watkins, CEO of the Entrex Carbon Market added, “The combination of Net Zero’s international carbon footprint calculator, and the Entrex platform gives climate-concerned companies a user-friendly way to navigate a rigorous carbon-neutrality verification process and to receive assigned and retired regulatory compliant carbon offset securities. Carbon offsetting is an important prong in an organization’s climate action goals, whether that’s to offset 10% or 100% of its carbon footprint. It’s great to have Ann Deck Solutions on board as one of the

    Entrex Carbon Market Members.” About Ann Deck Solutions, LLC:

    Ann Deck has over 20 years of experience as an Investor, Advisor for Sustainable Energy, and Merchant Processing industry. She has traveled the world educating business owners on their finances, credit card processing, and changing technology demands. Ann has built a vast


    network of relationships in businesses and organizations globally, which allows her to tap into those resources and pair up the right partners at the right time, problem solving from a unique perspective to create end-to-end complex solutions and connecting the right people and technologies to make it happen. www.anndecksolutions.com