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  • Antano & Harini open new frontiers for over 450+ participants through Personal Evolution

    Published on September 21, 2022

    Mumbai: Co-creators of the trillion dollars’ worth Excellence Installations industry and Legacy Accelerators, Antano & Harini successfully hosted their flagship event Accelerate uP! event in Mumbai. Magically heterogenous & diverse, the excellence installations event witnessed the participation of 450+ aspiring game-changers. People hailing from diverse backgrounds of entrepreneurship, business, corporate professionals, artists, designers, homemakers, young kids, and more, attended the 6-Days immersive event to get breakthroughs in their life: business or career, health, family, and legacy outcomes.

    Creators of the World’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform, Antano & Harini concluded Accelerate uP! in 2 phases. Phase one witnessed Mega Consultation Events pan-India, helping game-changers arrive at the unique pivots and breakthrough opportunities to take their unique impact to the masses. During the 6-Days event in Phase-2, participants together implemented the breakthroughs from their individual “Accelerated Time Compression” List, thus creating newfound exhilaration and time-compressing their evolution across important aspects of their lives. Antano & Harini further installed superior capabilities for them to succeed on autopilot, continue to pivot, create integrated life outcomes, and time-compress their holistic personal evolution.

    Speaking on the Accelerate uP!, Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of Excellence Installations, said, “Throughout history, we have seen examples of visionary Gamechangers sacrificing at least one aspect of their life, in order to have their contributions change the trajectory of the world. With Excellence Installations, we are challenging this status quo, helping aspiring gamechangers to accelerate across all significant aspects of their life. Our unique approach looks at integrated life outcomes required for an individual, and bridges the existing capability gaps with Excellence Installations. We leverage the predictive intelligence and power of excellence installations to have these breakthroughs now and not after 10, 15, 20 years. As a direct consequence, individuals accelerate across all aspects of their life.”

    Expanding upon the thought, Harini Ramachandran, Co-Creator of Excellence Installations, added, “Aspiring game-changers across the world need innate superior capabilities to grow their impact and discover hitherto hidden pivots to take their unique impact to the masses. Empirically, we have observed that by discovering unique breakthrough opportunities and installing superior capabilities, our participants completely turnaround their business, health, family, and legacy outcomes. And that’s because innate capabilities are polycontextual. Instead of limiting a person to a particular domain, they naturally and effortlessly flow into each and every area of their life and create unprecedented acceleration for them. ”

    Every person has a massive shift in their capabilities, emotions, once in 10 years. We call it a Cycle of Evolution. Through excellence installations, Antano & Harini have been able to successfully time-compress personal cycles of evolution for individuals, every 6 months instead of 10 years.


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