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  • Antica Ceramica launched Alabaster White Colour Tiles Collection

    Published on September 8, 2021

    Bring style and creative flair home with Antica’s Alabaster, a collection at the forefront of interior fashion. This white tile outfit is a favorite among interior designers for making a big statement through a small touch that makes the room look bigger.

    Interior decor is trending toward lighter and brighter effects, the appeal of white floor is eternal as it creates relaxed but refined interiors, a not-too-blank canvas for showing off one’s furnishings and antiques—is stymied only by a justified fear of keeping them clean. A white monochrome palette is a fantastic choice for any room in your house. It creates a strong graphic quality to any décor and echoes design tastes from the fifties and sixties. The look is also firmly rooted in modern-day interiors.

    Alabaster tiles laid in the hallway make them a focal point of a decorating scheme. One can add a luxe vibe by adding a glass chandelier to create opulence to the decor. Echo this look with highly polished dark wood furniture. Velvet full-length curtains at the front door will add to the opulence as well as keep out drafts this winter.

    Alabaster tiles are vitrified tiles manufactured by Antica Ceramica. It is a good alternative to marble and granite flooring. Available in 60×60 cm, 60×120, 20×120 in a variation of 15 shades and innumerable design options that floor oozes sophistication and simplicity.  These tiles are processed in such a manner that you need not worry about the direction of cut, during installation. These tiles come with a pristine base that has a high gloss –mirror-like shine which lets them remain cool.

    According to Mr. Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica, “White tile flooring creates traditional Victorian interiors. Complement this monochrome scheme with glossy black cabinets and soften the look with wooden furniture. White flooring is also great to add contemporary elegance to a dining or living room. Complement the stark effect with a glass dining table. Add a pop of color to the room interiors with bright accessories, such as a bold wall canvas or crockery in canary yellow.