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  • Anubhuti Goswami: Empowering Wellness Through Music Therapy

    Published on April 16, 2024

    New Delhi : Anubhuti Goswami, a distinguished Music Therapist and Life Coach from Bombay, brings a transformative approach to holistic healing through the power of music. With a career marked by collaborations with renowned Bollywood artists and a dedication to promoting wellness, Anubhuti Goswami is a leading figure in the field of Music Therapy.

    Drawing from her extensive expertise and certifications from the Institute of Social Learning, Spain, Anubhuti Goswami’s contributions to Music Therapy are widely recognized. Her innovative methods encompass sound healing, Cognitive Healing Therapies, Pain Management techniques, and the integration of Music Therapies with Yoga and Meditation practices.

    In an upcoming event in Guwahati, Anubhuti Goswami is poised to showcase her mastery in Music Therapy. This event, organized in collaboration with esteemed partners, will provide participants with comprehensive training and certification in Music Therapy, paving the way for them to pursue this transformative practice professionally. This offering is a professional tour begining from the 20th of April in Sonari, Moran, Jorhat and concludes on 27th April in Guwahati.

    Speaking about her passion for Music Therapy, Anubhuti Goswami emphasizes its profound impact on healing and personal growth. Through her work, she aims to empower individuals to harness the therapeutic potential of music, unlocking a path to inner well-being and self-discovery.

    Anubhuti Goswami’s commitment to promoting wellness and personal growth through Music Therapy is evident in her collaborations with Bollywood artists and her innovative approaches to holistic healing. Her upcoming event in Guwahati is a testament to her dedication to empowering individuals through the transformative power of music.


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