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  • Saturday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:17:16
  • On the occasion of World Father’s Day, ThriveCo , a result-oriented clinical beauty brand from the house of Anveya Living, Bangalore, has taken the initiative to offer three special personal care kits for fathers. The specially curated fathers kit are — Father’s Favourite 3-Step Hair Care Kit, Ultimate Skincare Set for Dad, and a Beard Box Essential for Dad. These kits are meant to help pamper the fathers who nurture their families, day after day.

    While fathers are dedicated to the service to their families through their day-to-day chores. Oftentimes they forget to take care of themselves. According to a study, only a quarter (24%) of men use a specific face wash, while one in five (17%) men just wash their face without any products. There is a huge difference between the way men consume personal care products from the way women do.

    ThriveCo father’s Day kit is specially designed in a seamless manner from the Anveya house of brands. It helps men to take their style up a notch and to highlight men’s self- care routine matters too. ThriveCo bridges the gap through its seamless products only to highlight men’s grooming also matters. It is time to step up and help our fathers take care of their skin, hair and beard just as equally they take care of our families.  Gifting such kits symbolizes the celebration of self-care among fathers.

    Commenting on the launch, Vivek Singh, Co-founder & CEO, Anveya Living, said, “In our community, the aspect of self-care seems to be very minimalistic among men. Fathers are not very active when it comes to taking care of their hair, skin or beard. However, the Father’s Day Kit launch helps us to reach out to fathers across India. These special packages are curated to empower them with awareness about self-care, providing them with best-in-class products and solutions, and encouraging them to take pride in it.”

    Saurav Patnaik, Co-founder & COO, Anveya Living, added, “The launch of Father’s Day Kit is to enable us to popularize self-care among fathers. These kits work incredibly well as gifting options, and help transfer knowledge regarding self-care through our exquisite products. Men would have not had access to such products in India. Now with ThriveCo’s product range, fathers need look no further beyond. Their search stops here.”


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