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  • Sunday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:40:46
  • For the first time in the country, artists and survivors join hands to win over cancer

    Mumbai : The Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC), ranked among the world’s best cancer hospitals, launches – ArtCan, a unique initiative which uses art as a medium to spread awareness on Breast Cancer. Apollo Cancer Centres joined hands with mural artists and survivors to curate art that educates and empowers every woman about the importance of regular self-breast examination.

    Through ancient Kerala Mural Arts, 8 steps of self-breast examination bring attention to the issue of breast cancer. Each frame reflects the story of a woman who discovered this condition while performing a self-breast examination, acted on time and defeated cancer. These eight steps have also been depicted in a book format called ‘Chitra Sutra’.

    The Mural Arts were unveiled today at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. This unique initiative was inaugurated by Mr Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO Western Region at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd in presence of Chief Guest for the event – Dr Anil D’cruz, Director Oncology, Dr. Sandip Bipte, Senior Consultant – Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, the eminent artists Athira KB and Vishnusreedhar KA, breast cancer experts, and winners.

    Sharing his thoughts at the launch of ArtCan campaign, Mr Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO Western Region at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, said. “Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer globally and accounts for 25% of all cancer cases in women. So, early detection is the key to better outcomes. In keeping with our vision of being at the forefront of cancer research, we have launched the ‘ArtCan’ breast cancer awareness campaign. We believe the ancient Kerala mural art is a unique medium to create awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-breast examination (SBE). It’s a popular belief that life imitates art and hence, art has the power to transcend languages and cultural barriers. Our initiative, ArtCan, will create a silent conversation and leave a deep impression on the audience.”

    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sandip Bipte, Senior Consultant – Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, said, “In 2022, over 20 lakh cases of breast cancer have been witnessed so far. Apollo Cancer Centres has been a leader in oncology and has treated multiple complex cancer cases. Understanding and getting tested for cancer at the right time can make a difference in saving a life. This initiative will convey our message to the masses to be cautious of breast cancer and understand the symptoms to get tested at an early stage.”

    Sharing her experience as a cancer winner, Ms Nayana Kanal, said, “Apollo Cancer Centre has been my pillar of strength throughout my journey of winning over cancer. Breast cancer came with stigmas and loads of challenges, but the timely medical treatment and tender loving care of Apollo helped me through. As a survivor myself, in line with this initiative of ArtCan, I encourage women all around India to get regularly tested for breast cancer. The early detection not only increases the chances of survival but can be treated in the best way possible without complications.”

    “It was truly fulfilling to work on this one-of-a-kind project, ArtCan. We are glad that Apollo Cancer Centres is using this powerful medium of storytelling through traditional Indian art to disseminate important medical information. Information that can save thousands of lives. At the same time, this effort is shining a spotlight on India’s proud artistic heritage and our master artists, which really aligns with our mission,” said Athira KB, mural artist.

    Breast Cancer is a result of multiple factors which include environmental and lifestyle changes. In most cases, it is due to anomalies that arise out of the aging process, while in 5-10% of the cases, it is genetically inherited. Early detection is the best protection against breast cancer. Regular self-examination and mammography at regular intervals have proven to be most effective in early diagnosis and in achieving better results in treatment and cure. Apollo Hospitals has been a pioneer in introducing comprehensive screening protocols for the early detection of breast cancer.


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