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    Apollo Cancer Centres launches India’s First Virtual Duathlon

    Published on September 14, 2021

    Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021 – aims to create awareness, support and raise funds for the treatment of childhood cancer

    New Delhi : Apollo Cancer Centres, will be conducting India’s first virtual Duathlon. Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021 – aims to create awareness, support and raise funds for the treatment of  childhood cancers . In addition to raising awareness around Paediatric Cancer, Apollo’s Dawn to Dusk(D2D) Duathlon also promotes the need for a healthy lifestyle to ensure a future with less cancer risk. All support raised through Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021 will give young cancer patients, identified by Apollo’s team of oncologists, a chance to live and be the future we can all proudly look forward to.

    In India, most children have the obstacle of not having access to proper resources and treatment resulting in higher mortality rates. Apollo aims to close this survival gap by raising funds to support and aid the children with Paediatric cancers, by allocating the needed resources and giving access to life-saving treatment. The proceeds from Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021  will directly go into addressing the need of the hour and securing a future for the children.

    Dawn to Dusk Duathlon, D2D – is an initiative by like-minded souls with a dual vision – to contribute to a cause while promoting a healthier lifestyle through running and cycling. The event is supported & organized by Apollo Hospitals & Neville Endeavours Foundation, and managed by Show Space. Registrations are open till 14th Oct 2021.

    Attending the launch event, Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri. Banwarilal Purohit, said, “Amidst our everyday hustle, we tend to put our health in the back-burner. Just as we prioritize our work or our life, we have got to start prioritising our health as well. One of the major reasons contributing to cancer is obesity. Research highlights that obesity directly increases the chance of several cancers such as colorectal, post-menopausal breast, uterine, oesophagal, kidney, pancreatic and many more. Apollo’s Dawn to Dusk Duathlon aims to support a worthy cause by raising funds to treat childhood cancers and provide them with a worthy and fit future. Run, Ride and save lives.”

    Commenting on the launch, Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals, said, “It gives me great pleasure in kick-starting this duathlon initiative. Pediatric or childhood cancers are the most treatable cancers provided immediate diagnosis and effective treatment. In most developed countries, every three out of four children survive, with about 80% survival rate.” Our aim is to make 100% survival rate in India.

    He further adds, “It is our vision and mission to protect the future – our children – by treating young cancer patients every year, through both diagnosis and advanced treatment from Apollo Cancer Centres, which offers the best cancer treatment in the world, right here in India.”

    Attending the launch, Ms. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, said “Being the leaders in Cancer care we believe it is our responsibility to come forward and provide International standard in the treatment of pediatric cancers. Children as said earlier are the future of our country and it is our moral duty to protect them. We welcome you all to participate in Apollo Cancer Centres Duathlon and register for this noble cause to treat underprivileged children suffering from pediatric cancers.

    Speaking at the launch, Neville J. Bilimoria, Founder of D2D Marathon Neville Endeavours Foundation, said “From the inception in 2012, D2D’s primary objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle through running and cycling and to raise funds and bring awareness to the worthy causes. The 7th edition – Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021, in association with Apollo Hospitals aims to support and raise funds for awareness and treatment of childhood cancer. The funds raised through Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021 will give young cancer patients, a chance to live for the better future through Apollo Hospitals, which offer the best of cancer treatment combined with Tender Loving Care in the world, right here in India. We have tied up with Apollo Hospitals for the next five years and hope our collaboration brings fruitful results for the betterment of society. “

    To participate in the Apollo D2D Duathlon 2021, participants have to register on the website .The participants can register and complete the race on their own within 15th October to 15th November 2021. The participants can run, walk, or cycle to cover the distance of 3KM – 125 KM at their own pace and location of their choice. People can choose to cycle or run or both. The participants can use simple watch / stopwatch to note their time or can go for GPS watches, smart-watches, or activity tracking apps on smartphone. There is no timing partner or timing chip provided for this virtual format of the event.

    Participants to refrain from group runs or cycling. It is advisable to run or cycle following social distancing in the vicinity of your neighbourhood, with strict adherence to local regulations. On completion, the participants will receive an e-certificate with timing, e-badge, finisher medal, finisher t-shirt, and a voucher by Apollo for a discounted health check-up.