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Apply for an Online Home Loan from Bajaj Housing Finance and Get a Rs.10,000 Amazon Gift Voucher Free

Bajaj Housing Finance (BHFL), a 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, offers mortgage services at attractive terms. Customers can avail of their products and become property owners while enjoying an array of features and benefits. Their improved services also allow customers to apply for an online home loan. What’s more, salaried applicants who apply through their website also get an Amazon gift voucher worth up to Rs.10,000*.

Not only do Bajaj Housing Finance’s digitised services ensure quick home loan processing, home loan applicants are also assured of effectiveness, convenience, and safety for all of BHFL’s services.

Exclusive Offer: Free Amazon Gift Vouchers

Salaried applicants who apply through BHFL’s online home loan application form are eligible for free Amazon gift vouchers.

The voucher amount and eligibility terms are listed below.

Benefits for Customers Who Apply for a Home Loan Online

Salaried individuals who apply for a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance online through the lender’s website will get an exclusive Amazon Gift Voucher worth up to Rs.10,000* for free. Other benefits include:

How to Apply for an Online Home Loan from Bajaj Housing Finance

You can apply for an home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance by following the simple steps below:

Once you hit submit, you will get a reference code. Keep the code handy as it may come of use while receiving your Amazon voucher at the time of disbursal. A representative will call you shortly and guide you on the next steps on the home loan application.

Eligibility and Documents to Apply for an Online Home Loan from Bajaj Housing Finance


Document Checklist

Applicants may have to submit other documents, which can vary on a case to case basis, at the time of/during the application process.

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